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June - Playing in St. George

We were happy to have Grandma and Grandpa Sweeny here to visit in June!   We played lots and enjoyed time together at Snowbird, in St George at Peggy and Paul’s new place, at the Ludlow family reunion, and the Thunder Junction park.   We saw lots of deer at Snowbird and loved the outdoor pool and game time. Thunder Junction is a free city park in St. George and it’s incredible!  It’s free to get in and has a dinosaur splash pad, “active volcano” (that rumbles and shoots out smoke every 30 minutes), tons of playground equipment, and a working train ($1/ticket).  The kids loved it so much that we went 2 days in a row. We recently discovered the skate park near our house and have enjoyed throwing bikes, scooters, and popsicles in the car to go play there together.   I laughed that despite all the toys I brought Tad thought it was more fun to just push Liam all over the place in his stroller :). Tyler's big news is that he learned how to ride his bi

May - We're Moving!

Miss Alexa turned 7 and asked for a Greatest Showman circus party.   We brought home the big popcorn machine at my work and ate cotton candy and peanuts, decorated the house like a circus tent, and watched Greatest Showman.   We celebrated her birthday at the Curiosity Museum and she specifically asked for a white, tiered (like a wedding cake), sprinkled animal birthday cake and chose a picture on pinterest.   She and I got matching dresses for her birthday and she thought it was the best thing ever.   Her big present was to pick out decorations for her very own room.   She’s been sharing with brothers up to this point but now she gets her very own mermaid room! I came home early from work to get her party set up and laughed when she ran up and told me that she just met new people at the part so she invited them to her birthday party.   That’s Alexa to a T.   She LOVES people.   Only Alexa would invite strangers from the park to please, please, please come to her bi