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July 2023 - Baby Ian

We had a blast at the Stadium of Fire Journey concert with Sara and Jason.  We also hosted a Swingle 4th of July party at our house.  Grandpa Swingle said that's the first time he's actually been able to light real fireworks in over a decade.  We decided we should make it a tradition to have them come up every year (or move here ;). Baby Ian was born and he is HUGE!  11 lb 1 oz.  Melissa's water broke at 7:30am, contractions started after that, and he was born at home with a team of paramedics with them in the outbuilding at 9am.   Fun fact: he was born on Ian Beagley's birthday and they share the same name. We spent an entire Saturday pulling down and cutting up dead trees.  We rented a wood splitter and went to town.  The kids were a big help.  We did our annual reading challenge to earn tickets to Lagoon.  Our rule is 1000 pages for every grade level finished, has to be during summer, and Alexa and Tyler both had to write a book report as well.  The kids did great! M

June 2023 - Tyler's tonsils out, State softball & baseball

I woke up at 5am on Father's Day with Liam and Audrey and then Kyle stayed up with Audrey until 1am because her teeth were hurting.  We were zombies.  Audrey got her first two teeth this month and she is really crawling and scooting around. We played lots of baseball and softball this month.  Both Tyler and Alexa's teams made it to State and we play every Sunday evening as a family.  Alexa hit an infield home run in the city tournament!! She was also beaned twice at State--ouch.  Tad also had a really talented team and great coaches in American Fork. Alexa had her first girls camp.  They stayed in teepees outside Bryce Canyon.  They went horseback riding, shooting, swimming, and did lots of hiking.  She had a blast.  We were thrilled to celebrate Aunt June turning 90!!  She is amazing and we love her.  We miss living closer and seeing her more often. We had to push Alexa's birthday party into June.  We rented the pavilion next to the Lehi outdoor pool.  It was the first bir