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January 2014 - dressing up and playing with Gma and Gpa

I have no idea how it's already January?!  When and how that happened is beyond me.  We had a fun visit from Grandma and Grandpa Sweeny to start off the new year.  They are getting their SLC apartment ready (aka built) in Great-Grandma Sweeny's basement and we're getting excited to have them out here in a few months.  Grandma and I took the kids to Discovery Gateway Museum in SLC while the boys worked on framing the basement.  We covered about a tenth of the museum and had lots of fun. Beware of Alexa road rage One of our new year's goals as a family is to teach Alexa more Spanish, so we've decided to try and speak only Spanish for 10 minutes at dinner every night.  She is catching on really fast and it's been fun.  She will usually say the prayer all by herself in Spanish, although sometimes it's Spanglish which is even funnier.  Instead of "papi" (daddy) she generally calls him "puppy" and it always makes me smile.