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February 2014 - ice castles and love

I love that Alexa loves books so much.  One of her favorites is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (thanks, Anne!), which we will even sometimes recite together from memory while we're driving in the car.  A couple weeks ago I caught her doing it with random things around the house like her penguin bath toy.  She was holding him and saying, "penguin, penguin what do you see?"  In addition to books, she currently also loves Disney princesses and listening to the Disney Pandora station.  I came downstairs the other day and she was loudly singing along to "Let's Get Down to Business" from Mulan.  She was singing word for word and waving around her plastic sword from the dress up box.  She looked at me and said, "I have to get down to business, Mom!"  Yes, you do.  And it's awesome. Oh, and another princess story.  We had some weird warm weather spikes in February that even brought out a few flowers, and Alexa picked one from outside and ca

Tyler the birthday man

We had a blast celebrating Tyler's birthday by starting the day with donuts and a hot air balloon ride, then birthday naps, macaroni and cheese, and his other favorite activities -- the bubble machine, a bath with lots of toys, etc.  We sang happy birthday to Tyler several times throughout the day (per Alexa's request) and Tyler would clap and smile for us every time :). Tyler waking up daddy to start the birthday festivities.  What a sweet cuddle bug. Hot air balloon ride!  It was loud and Alexa wasn't a huge fan.   Happy birthday boy. Birthday photo shoot: Tyler's family birthday party on the 2nd was on Super Bowl Sunday, so we had a joint party to celebrate football and Mr. Bambino here.  Todd, Melissa, Casey, and Jess came to celebrate with us. Reading our Happy Birthday book (a tradition) from Marmie and Grandpa: Kyle and I also listened to the 911 recording before we went to bed, which I think we'll make another tradit