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April 2014 - Convention, Easter, and Granny turns 98

April was a blur.  I think we're still recovering to be honest.  Our annual convention was April 10-12 at the Salt Palace, so I was living and breathing all things Thrive Life and trying to get ready.  I was in charge of the General Sessions, so that included speakers, content, slides, timing, props, A/V needs, back stage needs, etc. etc.  Besides the new items launched and thrilling announcements at the opening session, the most exciting things I worked on included a service project on Thursday and bringing in an awesome doctor to talk about nutritional benefits of Thrive food on Friday.  This was the first year we've done a service project as part of convention, and we made 1,500 fleece blankets (!!!) in an hour and a half thanks to some amazing volunteers.  The blankets will go to a medical dispensary in Kenya, which we've seen miraculously decreases the infant mortality rate in the surrounding villages because it encourages mothers to travel to the clinic for proper med

March 2014 - visit from Marmie and Gpa

Kyle built an amazing standing desk for me because he knew I wanted one.  It has a double-hinge so you can fold the desk section and hide it behind the storage cubes.  He also measured it to be the perfect height for where I would stand, and it's a great book / toy storage for the kids.  Love it. We switched the kids' room around so that Alexa is now on the top bunk and Tyler's crib is underneath.  The idea is that they will fall asleep faster because they can still talk, but can't see each other and keep one another entertained for as long.  It seems to be kind of working... They still love to play in our walk-in closet together, which has somehow been dibbed as the "desert" according to Alexa.  As in, "Tyler!  Let's go on an adventure in the desert!"  And off they both run into the closet and close the door. We had a great visit with family for Jason Andrews' homecoming in March!  It was so fun to spend the weekend together and ha