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November 2023 - Audrey turned 1!

We rented a wood chipper one more time to try and finish off the pile in our backyard and barely made a dent, but Kyle listed the rest of the wood on Free classifieds and it was gone within 24 hours.  Hallelujah!  We did a big bonfire and s'mores party with the rest of the twigs after taking 3 loads to the dump.  It was a lot of work to cut down all of the dead trees, but it was needed before we could bring in more fill, relevel everything, dig new sprinklers, and eventually have a new yard. We celebrated Audrey's birthday at the aquarium.  She's a cute little walking machine! Audrey's birthday Audrey walking The kids were thrilled to have Mark and Julia here from England.  They joined us for dinner and brought wonderful books for the kids, which they happily sat and read together after playing some Minecraft Uno and Go Fish.   Marmie and Grandpa flew out for Thanks

October 2023 - Fish Ranch

Tad has been on an origami kick lately and keeps renting different origami library books for new ideas.  For his date this month we did some YouTube tutorials to make frogs and squids.  We used construction paper and quickly wished we had actual origami paper that folded better. For Liam's date, he asked if we could please please please play tic tac toe.  Gosh, I love that kid so much.  He asked for a Funtopia minecraft birthday party so that's what we did.  His big gift was the Minecraft Dungeons game on the Nintendo Switch.  Alexa has been having a lot of fun on Canva lately and even made Liam's party invitations.  For his birthday dinner he wanted to eat at Feast Buffet and he wanted a Minecraft cake so I learned how to make marshmallow fondant.   Alexa was invited to go to St George with Kalle and they had lots of fun swimming and going to a show at Tuacahn.   Tyler chose Indiana for his state project and was obsessed with telling anyone and everyone all of the cool fac