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March 2023 - Tad the race car driver and Alexa the zebra

Tad turned 7 and we took him and his best friend Jimmy go kart racing for his birthday. Jimmy to Tad: When we grow up we should be racers!! Tad: Yeah, and it's good that we already know how to drive for when we grow up and have our own cars.  He got a fun sea animal painting kit from Grandma and Grandpa, a lego puzzle, and a set of Sonic puzzles.  We also got him a voice changing megaphone which he loves.   Alexa had a really fun Medieval Feast at her school after they finished studying the dark ages.  All of the kids got really into it and a lot of them made their own costumes, including Griffin.   Audrey hit the 3-month mark and suddenly refused to take a bottle.  She went 4 weeks hardly eating during the day so she went from sleeping through the night to waking up every 2-3 hours to nurse at night.  We met with her pediatrician and she was still nice and healthy in the 75th percentile for weight so we moved her out of o

February 2023 - Top Gun Tyler

Tyler really wanted a Top Gun Maverick 10th birthday party so we watched the movie at our house and made a Top Gun cake.  He and his second cousin, Dean Hulme, are in the same class at school and even wore matching t-shirts to the party.  For his birthday Tyler really wanted a Star Wars helmet, and then we got him a 3D pen and a moon ball. We went on a fun double date with the Pardons to an escape room where we had to figure out the secret formula for a candy factory before we ran out of time. Kyle took Alexa to her first Daddy Daughter Valentine's dance at school.  She is too grown up, time slow down!! Nathan and Tad continue to be crazy and Audrey is smiley and adorable. Liam drew a picture for Audrey and was showing it to her 💗 Liam and Dad on their bowling date night Liam got a new Buzz Lightyear toy and without us realizing it he grabbed a sharpie and wrote his name on Buzz's foot just like in Toy Story :) Mark brought the kids a bunch of really great Harry Maclary books

January 2023 - Disneyland Surprise

Somehow Alexa is already old enough to go to the temple so we had a wonderful time going to both the Provo City Center and Draper Temples in January.  City Center is her favorite temple so that's what she chose for her first temple trip.  I looked over at my little girl with her makeup and high heeled strappy sandals and wondered when she grew up.   Dad lives in the outbuilding (not literally, just doing lots of construction) so the other kids and I went to see Puss in Boots to close out winter break.   For our date this month Liam and I made a 3D rocket ship.  He is obsessed with rocket ships and always draws pictures of us going to the moon in one. Baby Audrey had her baby blessing in January.  Marmie and Grandpa were here for Ellie Tate's baptism and Grandma and Grandpa Sweeny flew out for the blessing.  Marmie got her a beautiful blessing dress with a bonnet and long train.   Audio Link to Audrey's blessing: