Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The sky is falling

It got up to the 90s here in mid May, so we decided to turn on the swamp cooler.  That was a mistake.  Kyle hooked everything back up again and turned on the water to it and we assumed that life was good.  I put the kids to bed and started doing dishes.  All the sudden water started spraying me and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.  Eventually, I discovered that the source was water coming down through the ceiling fan across the room (which was on) and being thrown across the room by the fan.  I figured that water coming down through the fan was probably a bad thing, so I ran outside to tell Kyle to turn the water off.  He did, and then climbed up in the attic to see the damage.  A pipe had burst in our attic leading to the swamp cooler.  Bummer.  We figured he would just replace it in the next few days and we'd wait to use the swamp cooler until then.  Second mistake.  Apparently, in that brief time (half hour maybe?) that the water was on, we had nicely soaked some insulation in the attic.  At 2:30 in the morning, Kyle and I woke up to a huge crash and a nice chunk of our ceiling falling down into the kitchen.  Kyle wanted to clean it up then before he had to go to work at 5am, and I told him no thanks, I'm going back to bed (knowing I would have to feed Tyler soon.  And then again in a couple more hours, etc etc).  So, Alexa spent the morning strapped to her high chair and Tyler chilled in his swing while I went to town cleaning the insulation that was on all three floors of our house thanks to its fluffy desire to fly around everywhere, as well as lots of soggy insulation, drywall mud, sheet rock, dry wall, etc etc that came down into our house.  Alexa was thrilled because it was snowing in our house!

A restoration company then came and started cutting out the rest of the damaged drywall and wet insulation. Kyle The Amazing redid the pipe running all the way through the attic because that was the one thing our insurance didn't cover (just covers damages, not the cause of the damage.  Strange, but luckily that was the easiest and by far the cheapest thing to fix).

Bigger hole after the rest of the soggy drywall was cut down....
I'll add more pictures once it's all fixed!

The face Alexa made while they were using their loud tools to work on the ceiling.  Wouldn't even touch her Golden Grahams.

Alexa is 2!

Man, how time flies.  If you can't tell by all of my other posts, we LOVE our little girl!  She makes us laugh every day, and we can't get enough of her hilarious personality and babble.  She is quite the talker.  When I went in to get her the morning of her birthday I said, "Happy Birthday, Alexa!"  Her response: "A birthday cake?!"

Favorite food: golden grahams, freeze dried blueberries and broccoli, chicken nuggets and french fries, smoothies
Favorite books: Hercules, Peter Pan
Favorite movies: Dora the Explorer, How to Train Your Dragon
Favorite play time: having us pretend to be horseys and going for a ride, reading books, looking at photo albums, coloring (particularly drawing spiders), going to the park and playing on the slide/see saw/swings/bench, and now playing outside with Roxy
Favorite Songs: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, ABCs, I Am a Child of God -- she knows the words to all of them!
Vocab: She'll count up to 15, sing songs like I mentioned previously, say prayers (we start the sentence and she'll finish it, and she always ends it on her own with "Love you. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen." all by herself), knows her colors and shapes, and will say patchy sentences (like "Can you help me, please?").

Birthday lunch at Tucano's!
Her first pigtails!!  Actually, the first time her hair has EVER been up!  Kyle took them out after 5 minutes because he said it looked forced since it only had hair from the back of her head.  I still thought she looked ADORABLE!!!

Coloring at her new craft table that Kyle built for her!
Back pack from Grandma and Grandpa Sweeny

Dora book from Marmie and Grandpa Swingle

Riding her new horsey that is totally too small for her already.  She also got a tricycle.

Oh, and a bird flew into our house on her birthday!

A couple funny Alexa stories to end the post...

We were having Family Home Evening last week and talking about a picture of Jesus.  She interrupted us all excited to point out Jesus' "toes!!" and the fact that he was "wearing a towel!!"

We were reading her Hercules book the other day and when she saw the picture of the hydra (purple dragon-like creature), she gave me a lecture on how he needed to clip his fingernails because they were too long.

We have an annual tradition of going to Benihana's in May for Kyle and my Aunt Kathi's birthdays.  They give you a free $30 gift certificate the month of your birthday.  Sign up if you haven't already!  The best part is that our Hibachi chefs are always Mexican, I love it.  So authentic.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


May is a big month for us with our anniversary (2nd), Kyle's birthday and Mother's Day (both on the 12th), and Alexa's birthday (16th).  Kyle got a sitter for our anniversary and we went out to a yummy Italian restaurant called Gloria's Little Italy, where they make homemade noodles and sauce that are to die for.

Kyle told me how rough it was to have to share his birthday with Mother's Day as a kid, and I could tell that he wasn't all that excited for it as an adult either, so we kind of split it up.  He took me to the Golden Corral breakfast buffet on Saturday as an early Mother's Day celebration.  All the breakfast food you can eat -- good plan.  He also made me breakfast on Mother's Day, but he got to pick dinner.  My big surprise for his birthday was a dog!  He's been wanting one for years, and I thought this summer might actually work.  I looked at a bunch of shelters in the area, and finally found a good dog at a shelter up in Park City.  Side note: whenever I would talk about Park City in front of Alexa (on the phone, etc.), she would get all excited and run to get her shoes so we could go to the park!  Haha.  Anyway, I went up on Saturday afternoon and got the dog, and then kept her overnight at a friend's house here in Orem on Saturday (THANK YOU, Jeff & Kim!).  I then went over early Sunday morning (before their sprinklers went off :) and picked her up to hide her in our backyard.  Kyle and I were in the kitchen and all the sudden she started barking in the backyard.  Kyle looked at me with huge, wide eyes and I immediately opened a cupboard and hid behind it.  I told him that he had to close his eyes, and then led him and Alexa out to meet our new dog.

Bringing her home from the shelter
She's a 3 year-old chocolate lab named Roxy, and she's great!  Already housetrained, will obey simple commands like "sit" and "stay," she's a good running partner, and great with kids and other dogs.  She immediately knocked Alexa over because she was so excited, but it hasn't happened again.  Alexa took a little while to warm up to her--she would get really excited and run up to her but then get scared and run back and try to hide behind us.  I started moving so Alexa couldn't hide behind me :).  She does great now, and loves to throw Roxy her ball or rope, feed her, sit on her, and give her kisses.  Roxy is the first thing she asks for every morning.  Roxy even kisses Tyler's hand and makes him smile and coo.

Side note--I just caught Alexa brushing Roxy with the grill brush, haha.

dancing with her pups

Roxy had just pulled the rope out of Alexa's hand before she threw it, haha

Video of Kyle and Alexa seeing her for the first time:

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cedar City with Marmie and Grandpa

Kyle's parents called us last Thursday and asked if we wanted to meet them in Cedar City on Friday.  It was a great, last-minute weekend getaway.  We had lots of fun (Alexa LOVED playing with Marmie, Grandpa and our cousin Kirsten) and we loved having a little break from home.

Cool Alexa getting ready to swim with Marmie.  Oh, and this is right before we noticed that Alexa peed through her pants and onto Marmie.  Someone was a little too excited to go swimming....

Tyler's first time in the pool!  He did really well--very chill.  Never even made a squeak about being in the agua.

She took a solid 3 hour nap!  Miracle of miracles.

And then Saturday night we came to bed and found her like this!! Hanging totally off the bed.  Kyle pushed her back in, but about a half hour later we awake to the thunk of Alexa rolling off the bed.  Kyle jumped over me like a ninja and grabbed her off the floor and then slept with her.  What a spaz child.