Monday, August 27, 2012

August 2012

It's been a busy week!  We were excited to have Craig and Mom and Dad Swingle come up last Saturday and stay through Wednesday when Craig went to the MTC.  We watched lots of Disney movies with Craig (he was already set apart and couldn't watch anything else), and ate some of his favorite food before he left (Chubby's, Panda Express, pizza...).  It was great to spend some time with him before he left, and Mom and Dad were soo much help around the house with Alexa, dishes, weeds, etc.  Thanks again!  Here are some pictures of us dropping him off at the MTC 8/22/12.  He'll be there for 9 weeks learning Dutch, and then off to Belgium/Netherlands.

Oh, and random side note--we saw the Google Maps car on our street with its giant tripod camera when we were on our way to the MTC.  I feel like we just witnessed one of the seven modern wonders of the world.

The Andrews stayed Friday night on their way back from California, and then Jonny came down Saturday afternoon and stayed until Sunday.  He was also soo wonderful to chase Alexa and help around the house.  It was great to see so much family this week!
Jonny, me, Alexa, and Grandma Sweeny 8/26/12

Alexa is hilarious as usual.  She loved all the extra attention and people to play with this week.  My favorite new development is that she has started giving kisses all on her own these past few weeks.  I was sitting on the floor in her room playing with her, and Kyle was leaving to go somewhere so he leaned down and kissed me.  She promptly walked up and kissed me, too!  It was adorable!  She has really started becoming a little copy cat in some things.  For instance, I often find her with my hair brush trying to brush her hair like me.  You know, because she has so much.  She is also starting to follow instructions like take this to daddy, or bring me a book to read, etc.  Great since I'm not very mobile!
brushing her hair 

Playing with Uncle Todd :)

She has started fake laughing when other people laugh, and I think it's hilarious.  Yesterday, I was on the phone and laughed at something so she copied right along and laughed.  She now has 6 teeth, and I'm wondering if she's getting another because she slept horribly last night!  She was drunkenly whimpering and moaning on and off all night.  She continues to increase her vocabulary, and now uses about 15 words (mama, dada, up, puppy, doggy, banana or actually "nana," yum yum, no, uh oh, hot, lion, thank you, hi, bye bye, sometimes "all done"--we're working on it, and I can't think of what else I'm forgetting...).  My current favorites are uh oh and hot.  She now says uh oh and looks at us whenever anything falls or she drops something.  It's so cute.  And she says hot and blows on her food whenever we put anything on her tray, regardless of whether or not it really is hot.  Oh, and she still growls a lot :).

Playing Peek a boo with daddy

Oh, and these are old pictures that I just got from Melissa of Todd & Melissa's wedding in December 2011.  I wasn't sure if the Swingle family had seen these, so thought I could throw them in at the end of the post just for fun.