Sunday, May 21, 2017

April - Spring Break and Easter

We’re loving the warmer weather and had a great spring break. Alexa earned a free pizza at Brick Oven from school, we went to the Nickelcade, played at new playgrounds, saw Beauty and the Beast, went to the Curiosity Museum with cousins, and celebrated Granny’s 101st birthday at Texas Roadhouse. Tad has finally decided to try out this walking thing in order to get to balls and cell phones that he couldn't reach while crawling.

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday at Peggy’s house. The kids sang in church and Kyle sang in the ward choir. Tad and I benefited from listening to both.

Alexa competed in a 1-mile race through her school that they held at the BYU track.  She ran with her friend, Kate, and they were so cute to help each other and wait for each other if one slowed down.  I was proud that they ran the whole way without stopping.  Also, she's an adorable morning workout buddy.

Fun stories:
Tad was beating Alexa and Tyler up with a toy sword so Tyler grabbed a toy phone and called the cops to say “someone come fast and put this baby in jail!”

Tyler in his morning prayer: “And please bless Heavenly Father to have a good day today…”

March 2017 - Tad the 1-year old beast baby

Our baby boy is somehow already 1! Sweet Tad races to me when I come home from work regardless of where he is in the house, and he demands to be picked up immediately or else he throws a fit (regardless of how many things I might be carrying as I walk in the door). I can hear him frantically crawl to me the minute I walk in. And he always has a huge goofy smile. Man, I love that kid. Marmie taught him to give kisses and now he always does it on command with his big drooly mouth wide open. He loves to wrestle with Daddy and has started to repeat some sounds like mama, dada, and nomnom. He signs more, all done, and hi/bye.

Tad has crazy good balance and will crawl to the middle of the room and stand up without holding onto anything for minutes at a time, but he has no interest in walking. He’s an insane climber and is always pushing chairs to climb on the table, his hair chair, using the toilet to get on top of the bathroom counter, etc. We had to buy a new high chair because he maneuvered his way right out of ours at least 7-12 times every meal, even while strapped in. It kept Alexa and Tyler in, but Tad is a completely different story. His favorite foods are clementines, raspberries, and blueberries. Oh, and lots and lots and lots of milk. He doesn’t love bananas like the other kids did.

We celebrated his birthday by going to the zoo. Kyle also made raspberry cupcakes that Tad double-fisted to get into his mouth as quickly as possible. And then we blew up balloons and chased them around the house. As you can see on his 12-month chart, he is still the tallest baby ever.

Alexa was almost sold to the gypsies this month after cutting she and Tyler’s hair (again). She chopped hers on both sides right above the ears, so we’re back to the sweet mullet she’s had most of her life. Sigh. The hairdresser did her best to blend it but you still can’t hide the fact that she tried to fix a mullet. Alexa also lost her second and third bottom teeth this month so she’s becoming great friends with the tooth fairy. Here’s a picture of her from 80’s day at school in all of her neon and glory.

We had a wonderful, quick visit from Brendan and Whitney. Our house is always open to travelers from Indiana. More of you should come out this way to visit ;)!

We also got new baby chicks and the kids are thrilled. They will happily hold, play with, pick up, put down, sing to, and tell stories to the chicks for hours on end. And they all have fun names like fluffball and sunshine.

Happy March from the Swingles!