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December 2018 - Christmas in Indiana

We saw Santa a couple times this month and each time the kids asked for something different.  Hmmm.  Their requests included a baby doll, a life-size Jeep they could drive, and a pet kitty. Kyle has gotten serious about our renovations, seen here on a Saturday night after the kids were in bed measuring the house and building a CAD / 3D rendering of our first floor. The kids survived the drive to the Midwest.  We did 25 hours straight on the way there, not even stopping to eat at a restaurant, only to get gas at which time we refilled Liam's bottles and kids went to the bathroom.  They did really, really well in the car.  Liam was sad the last couple hours of the night both days, but slept well in the car even though we had to stop every few hours during the middle of the night to fill up.  We didn't leave until about 5pm Thursday and got to Kentucky at about 8pm Friday night with the 2 hour time difference.  Alexa slept on the bench in the back of the van, Tyler