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September 2018 - House Demolition

I think a good summary of our life right now is the fact that Kyle fell asleep in the carpool line at the kids' school.  Alexa knocked on the window and woke him up :).  Adulting is exhausting. We are making good progress on the house, lots of demolition.  There was a good amount of tile all over the main level, which was excruciating to get out, even with our neighbor's hammer drill and trailer. We have discovered lots of good trails around the Jordan River close to our house.  Tyler loves taking Leroy on walks.  And when I say walk they run the whole way.  Here's a video snapshot.

August 2018 - Visitors, Dinosaurs, and Bunnies

When we read scriptures together at night Tad repeats Kyle or I.  However, he has started adding stuff on his own.  Very randomly.  And it's hilarious.  For example, Kyle or I will say "And it came to pass.." and Tad will say, "and it came to pass snakes" or "and it came to pass pancakes."  It's seamless, no break in between the words like he's thinking of something to throw in there.  And with a completely straight face.  He does it all the time!  I don't know where he gets this stuff from. Tad loves Coco and he is often found singing and/or playing guitar to Liam.  His favorite song right now is Twinkle Twinkle Little Moon.  Here's a darling video capturing one of his jam sessions.  I love how he starts and ends the song with hugs. We had lots of wonderful guests come through our construction zone house this month, including Marmie and Grandpa Swingle, Todd and Melissa, Brendan and Whitney, and Richy and Megan. We also hosted Sw

July 2018 - We Moved!

We have so much more stuff than I realized...but we eventually got everything to the new house in Lehi.  We're ripping it apart at the moment, but will eventually throw up some photos of the work we're doing and layout of the new home.  We had a last-minute issue where Lehi City wouldn't let us move in because there was a lien against the house that their broker didn't disclose, which pushed back the move-in date.  We cut a deal to move in a week later, but still couldn't get under contract because the utilities weren't switched over and approved by the city.  The house was on sewage, well water, and propane but had to have everything switched to city utilities before we could officially transfer ownership.  So we "rented" our new house for a couple weeks, and scrambled to move in on a Wednesday night because we had to be out of our house in Orem by that Friday.  It was really bittersweet to leave the keys and say goodbye, we have had so many memories

June - Playing in St. George

We were happy to have Grandma and Grandpa Sweeny here to visit in June!   We played lots and enjoyed time together at Snowbird, in St George at Peggy and Paul’s new place, at the Ludlow family reunion, and the Thunder Junction park.   We saw lots of deer at Snowbird and loved the outdoor pool and game time. Thunder Junction is a free city park in St. George and it’s incredible!  It’s free to get in and has a dinosaur splash pad, “active volcano” (that rumbles and shoots out smoke every 30 minutes), tons of playground equipment, and a working train ($1/ticket).  The kids loved it so much that we went 2 days in a row. We recently discovered the skate park near our house and have enjoyed throwing bikes, scooters, and popsicles in the car to go play there together.   I laughed that despite all the toys I brought Tad thought it was more fun to just push Liam all over the place in his stroller :). Tyler's big news is that he learned how to ride his bi