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February 2019 - Baby Joshua

Tyler turned 6 and got lots of Legos, some rain boots, a Calvin and Hobbes comic book, and money to pick out new church clothes (he got new pants, shirts, and some ties including an emoji tie).  He asked to do a birthday party at Kangaroo Zoo, which is full of bounce houses.  He wanted sprinkle donuts instead of cake at his party. As he was going to bed the night of his birthday, Tyler lost his first tooth!  It was on accident.  He hit his face on the corner of his bunk bed and it popped right out.  We looked everywhere and couldn't find it--the floor, all over the bed, the dresser, etc.  Two months later I found it in the windowsill when we opened the windows for the first time on a warm spring day. Alexa and Tyler started violin lessons and they are doing great so far.  They practice their bow holds every day and have a 1/8 violin.  So tiny! We went to the Ice Castles with Grandpa and they were beautiful. We had a fun Valentine's Day wit

January 2019 - Baby Bunnies

We came home from our 2-week trip to find baby bunnies!  Our two supposedly male rabbits started a family.  Turns out that Tyler's bunny is actually a girl.  Surprise!  Though it was accidental, we are in love with the baby bunnies and plan to breed them again on purpose.  We had people checking on the animals while we were gone, and there was no nest when they checked the rabbits the day before, so we think the babies were born the morning we got home from our trip.  We googled how to take care of newborn rabbits and the first thing it said was to separate the parents so you don't get more babies.  We brought mama and babies inside because it was a balmy 16 degrees, and put daddy inside in a dog kennel next to them.  However, 28 days later we got another litter!  That dad moved fast right after the babies were born, holy cow.  The first litter had 5 babies and the second litter had 7 babies.  All of them survived from the first litter but only 2 from the second.  They kept cra