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August 2023 - GenCon

Kyle and Tyler started the month with a trip to Indiana for #GenCon.  They loved being able to see the Sweeny family.  Tyler had a blast fusing glass, exploring outside, using a typewriter, and making crepes with Roan.  They have a lot in common and got along so well.  And he had a blast playing Magic the Gathering, doing Legos, and all things fun with Caleb.   While they were gone Alexa was a big help with the younger kiddos so I could work.  We tried to hit up the park in the evenings as much as possible.  We also used our Get Out Pass to try a fun trampoline park with Dean and Lily. On Nathan's birthday we went swimming at the Lindon Pool.  Alexa baked and decorated his cake and is now the official party master of the house.  Nathan loved his new train track set, bubble machine, and toy trucks he got for his birthday. Our kids are growing up fast.  Alexa is in 7th grade, Tyler 5th, Tad 2nd, Liam kindergarten, and Nathan his first year of preschool.  Alexa chose drama, debate, ce