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Sweeny Fun

We also had tons of fun with the Sweeny family who came to visit in July!  Mom got here first, followed by Ben and Maria a couple days later, and then Whitney the next day for a few hours.  Anne and Jason drove out a couple days after that.  We played LOTS and loved it!  Again, we took scooter rides, played with Roxy (who Roan hated!), played Kinect, went swimming, did hikes, went to the Dinosaur Museum and Animal Farm at Thanksgiving Point, played at the park by our house, went mini-golfing, played tennis, and probably lots of other stuff I'm forgetting.  We miss these fun aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins and wish we could play together WAAAY more often.  Alexa keeps asking for them!  And it was cute that she kept asking for Grandpa because Grandma was here without him. Random story--we took the kids mini golfing like I mentioned previously, and they were so excited because they closed down all of the courses nearby in Indiana.  Corbin was a natural and picked it up reall

Swingle Fun

We had lots of fun with Sara, Preston, Damien, Olivia and Charlotte.  It was great to meet cute, sweet Charlotte.  She melted my heart--she's soo happy, I love it!!  We had lots of fun with them here for a few days--took scooter rides with the kids, had a cousin dance party (my favorite part!), took the boys and Alexa to see Monsters University (Alexa spent most of the time climbing up and down the theater steps -- her attention span is apparently not ready for a movie in theaters yet!), had a fun BBQ with Todd & Melissa and the Singleton clan, played with the sprinklers and Roxy, and cleaned up lots of puke from those poor, sick kids :(. Sara brought us this cool sprinkler with all these extensions that fly everywhere.  Lots of fun! Strong Luna kids Girl cousin bath time.  Poor Charlotte got a black eye because Preston put her in a spinny office chair and she fell out :( the babies chilling on their blanket at the BBQ Uncle Paul was so sweet to push the

July Family Update

Whew, it's been a busy month!  We've had lots of visitors, and it's been GREAT!!!  It's been so nice to have so much family around.  If only we lived closer to each other.  Sigh.  We started out with Sara and kids, who stopped on the way from Wisconsin to California.  She's amazing -- drove alone with 4 kids from 9 months old to 6 years old.  They stayed longer than they thought because all of the poor kids got each other sick and were throwing up.  Poor Sara.  But we LOVED having them longer so it worked out.  Next came my mom (from Indiana) and my brother Ben and niece Maria (from D.C. and Iowa).  Maria is Alexa's favorite cousin and she was soo happy to have her here with us again to play together.  Then Whitney stopped by for a few hours in between a cousin's wedding and reception.  A couple days later Anne and Jason drove out from Indiana with their kids, and we had soo much fun running around and playing with them, too!  In the middle of that week, Emi