Sunday, March 27, 2016

February 2016 - trampolines and monster cupcakes

Grandma and Grandpa Sweeny got the kids an 8' trampoline for Christmas and it is WONDERFUL!  The kids jump on it every day and whenever they are acting crazy we send them down to jump on the trampoline instead of ripping our hair out :).  We rearranged the family room and got rid of the furniture down there so that it *barely* fits inside until it gets warmer and we can put it outside.

Here's a quick video of the kids jumping on the trampoline

Tyler turned 3 and we went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate over lunch, per his request.  He doesn't know you can buy tokens, but loves running around the arcade and pretending to play the games.  He started Spanish preschool with Alexa and is loving it.  They are in different classes, but go to the same school--he goes MW and Alexa has school MWF.  He got to go to school on his birthday so we sent him with monster cupcakes.  He got a Captain America action figure, puzzles, a little remote control car, some books, and best of all, 6 foam swords for his birthday.  He has really taken an interest in sounding out letters, writing them, and trying to read with Alexa.  Here is his alphabet he wrote on the chalkboard.  His "homework" according to him.  

We had fun celebrating the January/February birthdays with the Swingles.  Emily made a cute cake and Sara added the bees.
We had a fun Valentine's Day complete with pink heart pancakes for breakfast.  We were glad to have Aunt June join us for a delicious dinner prepared by Kyle.
And here's my mandatory 36-week belly.  We're getting close to meeting the bambino!
At the end of the month (a couple weeks after this picture was taken), I chopped 12" off my hair to donate it again.  Same as last time, I mildly regret it and wish it was a little longer!  But it will grow back...