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June - Jungle Book

With school out, this month was full of swimming lessons, acting classes, and lots of bike riding.  Alexa LOVED her Hale Center Theater acting class and they ended the class with a performance of The Jungle Book.  She was cast as Kaa the snake.  I know I'm a little biased, but she did soo well.  She knew the stage cues, songs, choreography, and even helped other people with their forgotten lines.  She's a natural and I'm glad we did it.  Kyle took a video of the performance.  Marmie, Grandpa Swingle, and Aunt Sara and the Lunas even came to watch. Kyle is now officially the Parent Organization President at Alexa's School.  On top of being in the Bishopric and acting HOA President in our neighborhood.  He is one crazy, dedicated dad.  We loved celebrating him for Father's Day. We had fun at our annual Thrive Games office olympics of sorts, complete with a dunk tank and face painting at the family BBQ to end the week.  We had some cute cousins with us at the BB

May - Alexa the 6-year old

We started off the month with an anniversary weekend in Park City.  Kyle's birthday came next with a trip to Vegas to see Penn & Teller.  The kids were soo cute about Kyle's birthday and wanting to give him gifts.  Tyler wrapped up one of his books in Christmas wrapping paper (kind of, the book was 1/4 of the way covered in wrapping paper) to give to him.  Alexa bought him a comic book sign and Cheetos, which Tyler opened and ate before she could wrap them.  Ha.  Alexa hid her present from Kyle for a full week without him knowing and she did such a good job keeping it a secret.  She, of course, used wedding wrapping paper. Alexa's 6th birthday came next with lots of new books, a donut run for breakfast, and a swim birthday party. We are excited to announce a new addition coming in mid-October.  Alexa REALLY wants a girl and she'll just have to wait and find out with the rest of us in October. Alexa had kindergarten graduation and T