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Still happy after waiting in line at Best Buy for an hour!! I continue to be blown away by Alexa's imagination and creativity.  She also continues to get tons of comments on what a talker she is, not even 2 1/2 yet.  The other day she was reading a book, giggling and pretending the dog in the book was licking her hand.  She also had her first actual phone conversation (questions and answers back and forth) with Grandma and Grandpa Sweeny.  It was really neat to listen to them talk!   She got a cold and didn't sleep well a couple weeks ago, so she was sick and cranky in the morning.  I asked if she wanted to stay in bed.  No.  Do you want breakfast?  No.  Do you want to go chase Daddy and smack his bum?  Yes!  Jumped out of bed and went to find Daddy.  Hilarious child. Some additional Alexa quotes and stories this month: Alexa, while hitting herself with a play phone: "Hey, please stop it, phone. That's not nice to hit." I'm in the


Kyle participated in the "Man Games" Decathlon at the beginning of the month, which was crazy and amazing!  They had the following events: Sprint Obstacle Course Sportsman Challenge (knife throwing, archery, etc) Cross Training Challenge All Sport Challenge (football hike, soccer kicks, etc.) Watersport Challenge (kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming) Flyboard (YouTube this if you don't know what it is!!) Human Slingshot Pig Wrestling Mounted Spear Throw (seriously!! Isn't this the coolest event you've ever heard of?!) Giant Rope Swing The workers asked Alexa if she wanted to ride a horse (really a mule in this case) as they were setting up the mounted spear throw The Man Games team  Alexa loved all the time to play with her favorite people Fly Board Alexa made a friend and they shared her striped umbrella  It was great to have Dad out here for a while this month as well!  We had lots of fun playing with Grandpa!

Arches National Park

The crazy government was shut down for 16 days during the end of September and beginning of October.  No joke.  So tons of people who work for the government were on vacation until further notice, out of a job, etc. All the sudden.  So, one of the things affected was all National Parks.  Totally closed.  We had this fun weekend planned for Kyle's fall break to go to the Andrews' house and do Arches  National Park because I've never been.  But then it closed!  Ahh.  So, we decided to still go, and possibly break in depending on the security level (??).  We drove by it on the way to the Andrews' house at like 10pm and there were just 2 saw horses and a couple of construction cones with a paper that said "Closed due to government shutdown."  So I decided we could totally break in if needed.  But, then the governor of Utah cut a deal with the government to have Utah pay the park fees and salaries to be able to open the major Utah National Parks for 10 days.  Go Ut