Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Still happy after waiting in line at Best Buy for an hour!!

I continue to be blown away by Alexa's imagination and creativity.  She also continues to get tons of comments on what a talker she is, not even 2 1/2 yet.  The other day she was reading a book, giggling and pretending the dog in the book was licking her hand.  She also had her first actual phone conversation (questions and answers back and forth) with Grandma and Grandpa Sweeny.  It was really neat to listen to them talk!  

She got a cold and didn't sleep well a couple weeks ago, so she was sick and cranky in the morning.  I asked if she wanted to stay in bed.  No.  Do you want breakfast?  No.  Do you want to go chase Daddy and smack his bum?  Yes!  Jumped out of bed and went to find Daddy.  Hilarious child.

Some additional Alexa quotes and stories this month:

Alexa, while hitting herself with a play phone: "Hey, please stop it, phone. That's not nice to hit."

I'm in the bathroom brushing my teeth. Alexa ran in holding a banana: "mommy, I'm eating a banana!! Daddy gave it to me! Daddy's the BEST!!!" I can't get enough of this little girl.  She's always telling me that "Daddy is the best!"

Alexa "sprinkled dirt" on her stuffed puppy, wiped his forehead, and then held him up in the air and proclaimed him the new Lion King!

We went up to Great-Grandma Sweeny's for General Conference and Alexa loved it because she got to play with Granny.  She kept putting her flower headband on Grandma and telling her how beautiful she was.  

Another random picture of Grandma I wanted to throw in here.  It was raining after
she got her hair done so she put a bag on her head.  Love that woman.

Alexa put Kyle and I both down for naps last Sunday--Kyle got a book read to him and she sang me a song :).  She'll sing along to most songs now and can do the majority of them all the way through on her own--I'm A Child of God, I've Been Workin' on the Railroad, Child's Prayer, Away in a Manger, etc.

Tyler is the cutest!!  He is a funny kid.  He always tries to share his toys or bottle with us and holds them out to us and smiles.  And he now crawls up to me right away when I walk through the door after work so I can pick him up and give him kisses.  He got two teeth back to back this month.  His first one came on my birthday (yay!) and the second a few days later while we were in Monticello.  As of the beginning of October (8 months), he was crawling like a champ (he's been army crawling since 6 months but now he is legitimately crawling) and sitting up great, easily switching between the two on his own.  He also quickly began standing up and pulling himself up on furniture, so we'll see what the next few months bring.  His 9 month appointment went well and he didn't even cry when he got his blood taken or got a shot.  Alexa, however, got her flu shot while we were there and cried for a good 10 minutes.

Tyler is in love with his Roxy pups.  Kyle told me that a couple weeks ago Tyler crawled over to Roxy to lay with her in her dog bed, but then she stood up and walked to the other side of the room.  So Tyler followed her to the other side of the room, and then she went back to her dog bed when he got there.  So Tyler sat there and cried :).  Adorable.

Tyler LOVES cords.  As I was in Alexa's bed reading her a book, Tyler was crawling around on the floor.  He grabbed her white noise machine, unplugged it, and dragged it under the bed with him so that he could chew on it!

using Roxy as support to stand up!

what a stud!

King of the office

I had a great birthday.  I took the kids to IHOP for breakfast and Alexa thought it was the best thing ever.  We went to Hee Haw Farms that evening with some friends, and then Kyle got a sitter and we ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  I got a Samsung tablet and Kyle bought me a new outfit.  Fun day with the family.  
We celebrated my birthday at Benihana's a week later with Peggy & Paul

biggest rabbit I've ever seen

Here's a video of Alexa singing Happy Birthday to me.

I've been doing more with the party side of Thrive these past couple months.  I always tell people about Alexa's love for broccoli, and finally captured it on camera.  She begged me for broccoli while eating fruit loops for breakfast (yes, the healthiest breakfast choice out there, I know), and first I said "you have to finish your cereal first."  Then, I realized that fruit loops are junk, so I let her have some broccoli.  So she had three helpings of broccoli for breakfast :).

We watched Hope and Quinn's dogs while they were on vacation, and Alexa LOVED it.  She absolutely loved Precious, their chihuahua.  I must admit that I wasn't used to their yipping and barking all the time, but they were actually really good dogs.  

We had a REALLY fun Halloween!  Tyler's costume was my all-time favorite, and it was fun to dress up as a family.  Kyle was Captain Hook, I was Wendy, Alexa was Tinker Bell, Tyler was a pirate, and Roxy was a crocodile (which she ripped off within 15 minutes).  We went trick or treating at the office, around the neighborhood a little, and then to the Beatty's Halloween party.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Kyle participated in the "Man Games" Decathlon at the beginning of the month, which was crazy and amazing!  They had the following events:
Sprint Obstacle Course
Sportsman Challenge (knife throwing, archery, etc)
Cross Training Challenge
All Sport Challenge (football hike, soccer kicks, etc.)
Watersport Challenge (kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming)
Flyboard (YouTube this if you don't know what it is!!)
Human Slingshot
Pig Wrestling
Mounted Spear Throw (seriously!! Isn't this the coolest event you've ever heard of?!)
Giant Rope Swing

The workers asked Alexa if she wanted to ride a horse (really a mule in this case) as they were setting up the mounted spear throw

The Man Games team 
Alexa loved all the time to play with her favorite people

Fly Board

Alexa made a friend and they shared her striped umbrella

 It was great to have Dad out here for a while this month as well!  We had lots of fun playing with Grandpa!

Some funny Alexa quotes / stories for the month:
Tyler was trying to feed himself and kept dropping his food on his lap instead of getting it in his month.
Alexa: Stop it, Tyler!
Me: Tyler is learning.
Alexa: All about the Lamanites in ancient history?!

At dinner: "Lettuce is too healthy for me, sorry Mommy."

"Roxy was so happy to see me and lick my hand!"

"Leave Tyler alone, Mommy!"

All in one breath when she woke up and I went in to get her--“ Daddy have breakfast with me? Daddy have Chex? Daddy’s the best!! Daddy loves me.”

She continues to carry her stuffed puppy around the house and sleeps with it, puts puppy down for naps, etc. She had her puppy in the laundry basket the other day and said that he was baby Moses in the river.  Haha. Oh, and she also asked if her puppy could be Peter Pan for Halloween (she was Tinker Bell).
Picked her outfit :)

We have started having a neighborhood play group at our house, which I'm hoping will also be a great missionary opportunity for less actives and non members in the area.  We held a "dress up" play date and had lots of fun--

Alexa in a princess dress and superhero cape drawing with her favorite neighbor, Sadie.
We have been spending lots of time on our wonderful hammock chair Kyle installed under the fabulous new awning.

Our Realtor hosted a family fun day at an "indoor resort" in Provo and Alexa loved it!  We'll have to go back when it gets colder since they have $1 carousel rides and a fun $1 indoor playground.

She freaked out when the face painter started to paint her face (after waiting in line for 45 minutes and talking about the ladybug she wanted on her cheek), so she got a flower on her arm instead.

she chose a balloon puppy
Tyler is constantly finding and eating Kyle's dirty socks, and goes for all cords as soon as he hits the floor.  He is also constantly chasing Roxy around the house and climbing in her dog bed and therefore always covered in hair, which communicates to mom always being covered in dog hair from holding a hairy baby. 

He and Alexa are starting to play together more which I love!  Hopefully Tyler survives his childhood (see play time video with Alexa below)

I was busy helping with Business Advisory Board meetings in September, but I was rewarded with a beautiful day at Sundance Resort with the Board before they left.  Perfect weather for horseback riding in the Utah mountains, complete with beautiful fall colors.

We have semi-annual "Field of Play" meetings at work where you meet with your direct supervisor and review goals, performance, etc. using a specific form.  I had mine in September, and it was basically an hour and a half of talking about life, no form included.  Steve and Jason said that Kyle should just work from home when he graduates and be Mr. Mom so that I can be an executive at the company.  Quite the shock and compliment.  Kyle continues to say that we work for completely different companies.  I'm a lucky girl to have such great bosses who are so flexible with our family's needs and so incredibly supportive.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Arches National Park

The crazy government was shut down for 16 days during the end of September and beginning of October.  No joke.  So tons of people who work for the government were on vacation until further notice, out of a job, etc. All the sudden.  So, one of the things affected was all National Parks.  Totally closed.  We had this fun weekend planned for Kyle's fall break to go to the Andrews' house and do Arches National Park because I've never been.  But then it closed!  Ahh.  So, we decided to still go, and possibly break in depending on the security level (??).  We drove by it on the way to the Andrews' house at like 10pm and there were just 2 saw horses and a couple of construction cones with a paper that said "Closed due to government shutdown."  So I decided we could totally break in if needed.  But, then the governor of Utah cut a deal with the government to have Utah pay the park fees and salaries to be able to open the major Utah National Parks for 10 days.  Go Utah!  So, Arches opened again on Saturday, October 12 and we didn't have to break in.  Happy day!  We had lots of fun and really sore backs from those heavy children.  Great weekend!  

Alexa LOVED chasing Uncle Don around and having him be the one to carry her or play with her.  She even made up a song about him in the car :).

Tyler got his second tooth while we were there and wasn't the happiest sleeper.  The first night his longest stretch was 2 hours.  Alexa, on the other hand, was awesome to sleep with us in the same room.  Usually not the case, but she was great this trip.  She slept on the floor next to us on couch cushions.

Delicate Arch

Alexa telling us where to go

Happy baby Tyler on the hike

Landscape Arch

Alexa wanted to hold Tyler in the car after our day of hiking :)

The view under Delicate Arch

We gave a house key to our neighbor's son to feed Roxy while we were gone and he lost the key.  So, our poor neighbor was trying to figure out a way into our house and finally just bought Roxy some dog food from the store and left her out the whole weekend.  She chewed her dog bed to pieces while we were gone!!  Poor lonely puppy.