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Take time to dance....

We've had a fun, busy last couple of weeks.  Here's proof (Alexa fell asleep on Kyle's lap while we were talking on the phone to my parents tonight--loudly, on speaker phone).  Sweet little girl. We've all kind have been sick, first Kyle, then Alexa, and now me.  Just the typical nasty cold going around, and Alexa still has a little cough and I am just at the beginning so the sinus headache is feeling really good right now.  Not.  I looked through my doctor's notes from Alexa to remind me what I'm allowed to take while pregnant and went through all our medicine in our cold section this morning, and I can't even take Airborne, let alone anything else we have.  Hence the 2.5 hour nap this afternoon.  That's the best medicine I can get, and it was glorious. Speaking of being pregnant, I promised Malori that I would post a belly picture, so we took one on our walk today. I am definitely showing much earlier with this little one than with Alexa, wh