Sunday, October 21, 2012

Take time to dance....

We've had a fun, busy last couple of weeks.  Here's proof (Alexa fell asleep on Kyle's lap while we were talking on the phone to my parents tonight--loudly, on speaker phone).  Sweet little girl.

We've all kind have been sick, first Kyle, then Alexa, and now me.  Just the typical nasty cold going around, and Alexa still has a little cough and I am just at the beginning so the sinus headache is feeling really good right now.  Not.  I looked through my doctor's notes from Alexa to remind me what I'm allowed to take while pregnant and went through all our medicine in our cold section this morning, and I can't even take Airborne, let alone anything else we have.  Hence the 2.5 hour nap this afternoon.  That's the best medicine I can get, and it was glorious.

Speaking of being pregnant, I promised Malori that I would post a belly picture, so we took one on our walk today.

I am definitely showing much earlier with this little one than with Alexa, which is only to be expected.  Kyle says I'm like 3 months ahead in comparison (showed at 4 months like I showed at 7 months with Alexa), which is probably true looking back.  I didn't even wear maternity clothes with her until the last month and a half.  It's interesting to see the changes with a second since we've also been able to feel the baby a lot earlier.  Kyle felt this wee one for the first time at about 18-19 weeks versus 22, and I was able to feel the baby for weeks before that versus like 20 weeks or so.  Today marks 24 weeks.

Alexa continues to talk more and more, and amazes us with how smart and cute she is.  I know, I still need to get a video of her talking and doing animal sounds.  On the to-do list.  Last week we were hanging out in her room playing with her baby doll, and she was happily saying and pointing out all the body parts on her doll.  She said "knee" out loud for the first time, so I said "yay, Alexa, high five!"  She promptly grabbed the doll's hand and made it give her a high five and said "yay!" with a smile.  I love that little girl (even though she left me hanging with my hand in the air).

She's getting a lot better at saying "please" and "thank you" all the time, and she said "love you" to Grandma and Grandpa Swingle when they said goodbye on Skype today.  Seriously adorable.

Now some special stories from the last couple weeks...I went and got her from her nap and she was carrying around her blanket (pretty normal these days--it goes almost everywhere with her), but she totally tripped on it in the hallway and biffed it hard core.  I picked her up and cuddled in the hall until she stopped crying, at which point she got back up and ran straight into the bathroom door.  Poor child.  On Wednesday we had a very traumatic experience.  I went to grab something in the kitchen, so the sneaky one ran into the bathroom and shut the door, and then quickly opened the drawer right in front of the door so I couldn't open it!  I began to panic because I realized that there was no way for me to get in there!  The drawer is literally right in front of the door so I couldn't even crack it to get at the hinges and take the door off, or pry through and close the drawer, etc.  I tried taking the door knob off with a screw driver in the hope that I could reach through and close the drawer or something.  I kept calmly telling her to close the door, and she just stood there hysterically crying.  I finally gave up and called Kyle because I couldn't think of anything else to do.  He offered to come home from work and kick the door in, but right when I explained the situation to him, Alexa closed the drawer and I quickly opened the door.  She was drenched in tears and so very upset.

We've been practicing eating with silverware for the last couple months, and tonight she fed herself her first entire bowl of soup. She scarfed it all by herself and did super well!  She can stab things with a fork just fine, but normally we scoop things on the spoon and then she feeds herself with it, but tonight she did it all.  I was amazed that she wasn't more of a mess.  She was about half way done below and her face and the tray are so clean.  Good job, kid.

Kyle and I finally got callings.  He is Cub Scout Master, which I know he will absolutely love.  I was made 2nd counselor in the primary presidency, so Lexi is now in nursery as of last Sunday with early approval from the Primary President.  She LOVED it, and even drew us a picture, which seriously made me almost cry because it hit me at that moment that she's so grown up and already drawing us pictures.  Sniff sniff. I was honestly fighting back tears.  Yes, I know it's chicken scratch/scribble. I blame it on being pregnant.

It's been great to have both mom and dad out here these last few weeks.  I'm going to have to get Kathi to go on long vacations more often!  We loved spending time with both of them and even got Grandma Sweeny to come eat dinner at our house!

To end, some random pictures of Alexa:

This is her teddy bear's hat, but she loves taking it off and wearing it around the house

Her car seat has been in our living room since we switched it out for a convertible seat a few weeks ago, and she
loves sitting in it and piling blankets and stuffed animals on top of herself.

I feel like she has a really long tongue :)?!

And, if you want even more pictures, here's a link to her baby book I made this month.

Click the link above, and just under the picture of her click "view photo book." Ignore the login part completely.

Oh, and here's a great video of her dancing with Kyle and Mike last Sunday.  I was inside and could hear her shrieking and giggling, so I had to come out and see what was so fun.  I was not disappointed.

Also, Kyle requested that we do some Halloween decorations this year, so we made some of our own and found some at D.I.  He is used to fun decorations for every holiday, but I'm pretty sure we only ever decorated for Christmas, and even that was pretty simple and we mostly just did a tree and a few lit windows.  Anyway, here's our beginning of Halloween decorations.
Group effort - Kyle cut and sanded the blocks, and I painted 
I did LOTs of crafts during General Conference and this was one of them

Alexa loves playing with these pumpkin lights

Kyle says my monster door is "cute and girly," and not at all scary :)