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October 2019 - Travels in Europe

Mr. Chubby (aka Liam or Lum Lum) turned 2! Mark joined us for the festivities. We woke Liam up from his nap—at 6pm, I might add—for a birthday dinner and cake and he wanted none of it. He was mad and pouty, but the rest of us enjoyed the food and fun. We got him a new bug board book, dinosaur gummies, and went to the Butterfly Biosphere as a family to celebrate. Liam says "Mama!" in different tones to express all of his emotions, similar to Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.  "Maaaaama!" for happy, "MAMA!" when he's mad, etc.  It's quite comical.  He still doesn't talk a lot but uses the word Mama to communicate what he wants.  He LOVES to read books and do puzzles, wrestle with Kyle, and he is obsessed with food.  Kyle and I ran off to Europe for 2 weeks and it was amazing!! A huge, huge thank you to my parents for flying out to watch our kids so that we could go on this adventure. They are the absolute best!! We hit New York, It

September 2019

The kids are obsessed with Legos and play with them constantly, always building new creations. They make zoos, resorts, airplanes, houses full of fun rooms and accessories, and all sorts of other things. The other day Tyler grabbed some of the Duplos and spelled MOM and then brought it to me as a gift. Sweet boy. We hiked up Cottonwood with the Lunas and enjoyed the last of summer. We have been loving the pool and were sad to empty it after Labor Day. The kids have been swimming LOTS. We also found a cool leaf bug on our last swim day.  I found Tad playing peek a boo and singing to one of the baby bunnies after church. He said it was scared because it was away from its mom so he was helping it feel better. Alexa and I did a spa night where Tyler and Daddy gave us massages, made us fancy drinks, played spa music, and we did masks. Kyle and I tried out axe throwing which was really fun, we did black light mini golf, Alexa helped Liam practice his hand st