Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Memorial Day in St. George

We had a GREAT weekend getaway to St. George over Memorial Day.  It was so much fun to play with Marmie, Grandpa, Todd, Melissa, Casey, Jess, Kirstan, and even Peggy and Paul for a little while.  I didn't get very many pictures, but we had lots of fun playing tennis, swimming, eating delicious food and playing games.  Alexa slept on the top bunk there and I worried every single night that she would fall and break something.  It was a bunk bed where the bottom was a full-sized bed for Kyle and I, and the top was a twin bed with railing.  Luckily, the rails did their job and she survived!  What a big girl we have on our hands.  There was one night that I laid Tyler down for bed in the room before putting her down, and she cried when I left and woke him up.  I came back in kind of angry that she woke him up and ready to scold her, and she was on the edge of her top bunk leaning over to tell Tyler "It's ok, Tyler.  Don't cry."  My heart melted.

The kids were awesome in the car.  Alexa had a pile of books and lots of songs to sing to, and Tyler slept almost the whole way there.

Watching a movie on Auntie Lissa's phone while we played games.

Video Time

I've been able to capture some fun videos of Alexa this week.  I won't be offended if you don't want to watch them.  This may be one of those things that only Kyle and I find entertaining...especially since there are 5 :)

Here she is just finishing up singing Wheels on the Bus to her bunny, which I didn't catch in time.  You get the tail end of the change on the bus going clankity clank, but then she starts talking to her bunny so it's still cute.

THEN she sings "I Am A Child of God" to her bunny and it is ADORABLE!!!

While I was taking a shower yesterday, she decided to give her two bunnies a bath in Tyler's bath tub and sing to them while they took a bath...

She now says her name "I'm Alexa Swingle!"

She loves to feed Tyler his bottles....and I love that he stops drinking to smile at her.

Alexa is still talking up a storm, and often tells us how it is.  Lately, she says it's not her turn to pray and that it's Tyler's turn or Roxy's turn instead.  Good luck with that, little girl.  She also sometimes tells us that we're talking too loud in the car and "shh, because Tyler is sleeping!"

We had a work week-long athletic tournament and she was an awesome cheerleader.  Kyle and I both did tennis and volleyball, and I did ping pong while Kyle did ultimate frisbee.  The other events were horseshoes, basketball, golf, foosball, Wii dance, and speed chess.  Anyway, Alexa was adorable and would keep saying "Good job, Daddy!" when Kyle hit the ball at tennis or volleyball.  People I don't even know at work are still coming up to me and saying how cute it was.

We had a big BBQ to end the tournament and pass out awards, and Alexa quickly went to go sit with our chef, Steph, who is one of her favorite people at the office.  Steph told me that Alexa saw all of her freckles since she was in short sleeves (she's usually in a chef's coat) and said "yay, polka dots!" and pointed to them.

I almost killed our dog last week.  Let me explain.  I had her with me in the front yard while the kids were napping and I was getting some weeding done.  All the sudden she took off across the street and INSIDE a neighbor's open door.  I started yelling and running after her, and she is RUNNING all over inside their house, up and down stairs, etc. etc.  I run in the house yelling "sorry, I'm coming inside because my dog just came into your house!"  Keep in mind I have never met these people in my life and I'm completely invading their privacy.  Finally, I find Roxy happily licking the feet of a poor woman at the bathroom sink.  I grab her collar to pull her away and she's totally fighting it to the point that I'm starting to look like an idiot (yeah, because I didn't already) because I seriously can't get her out of the house.  Finally we make it to the front yard and she starts going back to our yard.  Then, last minute, she breaks for it and runs back to the house and into the open trunk of this lady's car!  (The house and trunk door were both open because she was loading stuff into the back of her car at the time).  She crawls behind all this junk in the trunk (haha) and is hiding in the very back of the trunk.  Again, I'm trying to drag her out and the woman walks outside.  I'm seriously embarrassed by now.  I apologize (again), and have to literally pick Roxy up because she won't move.  That dog.  Usually she is super obedient.  That day not so much.

Picture time.  We're loving this nice, warm summer weather so we can go outside and play!

Mac's birthday party!

neighborhood BBQ

We even met Kyle for lunch last Friday and went to a playground by work!
Kyle texted me this picture at work.  He was working in the yard and Tyler started getting fussy, so Alexa started bouncing him and saying "It's ok, Tyler.  Don't cry."
Sibling play time.  Tyler will entertain himself for a good hour if not longer under this thing.

Sibling bath time.  Alexa is a little crowded between all those toys and the baby bath.  Soon Tyler will sit up and take up less space!

Alexa insisted on feeding Tyler and would push my hand away if I even got close.  He kept stopping to smile at her.  Love it!

Grocery shopping....Alexa said she was done walking, so I cleared a tiny corner to put her in the cart...and she immediately started eating any food she could open.  Smart girl.  Very sneaky.  I had to keep hiding stuff under Tyler's car seat.

We've been going up to SLC and having lunch with Grandma Sweeny at least once a month, and it's been lots of fun.  This is the BEST picture I've ever gotten of her with the kids -- she's actually smiling!  It's so cute to watch her with both kids -- holding Tyler and making noises to get him to smile, reading books to Alexa and drawing her pictures (Alexa made her draw a bunch of random things on a notepad this time), etc.  Love our granny time!  Alexa sometimes calls her Abuelita now which is fun.

Oh, and I've grown obsessed with putting her in pigtails lately, but Kyle hates it and says they look like rat tails and is always trying to take them out.  It's a constant battle.

Happy Father's Day!

I woke up early to make Kyle breakfast, but while I jumped in the shower he cheated and got out of bed to make breakfast.  He was severely scolded.  I was excited to have Alexa bring him breakfast in bed.  Next year I suppose.

I LOVE this picture!!

We made Dad a Father's Day card :)
 Some other funny poses....

We had a great time up at Rich & Wendy's vising with Matt & Molly while they're in the country from Singapore.  It's been years since I've seen them.

Unfortunately, Kyle spent all night after Father's Day in the bathroom throwing up his delicious Father's Day food :(.  Not a great way to end the day.

Tyler - 4.5 months old!

Tyler is now a rockin' 4 1/2-month old.  This happy, skinny dude is only in the 5th percentile for weight, so his pediatrician is having us do bottles after each time I nurse to try and fatten him up.  We're doing weekly weigh ins to check his progress for now.

He has started to roll over from his back to belly like a champ.  He doesn't so much love the Bumbo or his jumper, but he loves being on his back with his mirrors/rings/bells above him.  He can entertain himself for a long time like that.  He HATES real food and cries every time we try to give him rice cereal or mashed bananas.  So we've given up for now and will try again later.  Milk it is.  Alexa was the opposite--really, really liked being able to have solid food.

He loves to grab his toes!
The many faces of Tyler....
The rare pouty face.  But what a fat lip!

We love those big blue eyes!

the "duck face" when he's stretching

The "I hate being swaddled right now" face!  He's quite the escape artist.  Much better than Alexa ever was....

He will now sleep from 7 or 8 at night until 6 or 7 in the morning, hoorah!  He still often wakes up between 4 and 6 and whines a little, but puts himself back to sleep.  Usually.  It took him FOREVER to fall back asleep during the night when we first started trying.  He's a stubborn one, I tell you.  He would cry and cry for 2-3 hours.  I would check on him every 30 minutes to make sure he was ok, hadn't pooped himself etc.  Finally I would give up after a couple hours and nurse him.  He would last like 10, maybe 30 seconds before falling asleep.  Not even hungry, what a punk.  (Or more tired than hungry I guess)  And he doesn't nurse himself to sleep for naps or at night--he's actually really good at putting himself to sleep besides the middle of the night apparently.  Anyway, he's a cute little boy and we love his guts.  He just took a lot longer to sleep train than Alexa.  And it's still a work in progress.  We're trying to get him to sleep well so that he can sleep in the same room as Alexa.  Soon I think....