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Memorial Day in St. George

We had a GREAT weekend getaway to St. George over Memorial Day.  It was so much fun to play with Marmie, Grandpa, Todd, Melissa, Casey, Jess, Kirstan, and even Peggy and Paul for a little while.  I didn't get very many pictures, but we had lots of fun playing tennis, swimming, eating delicious food and playing games.  Alexa slept on the top bunk there and I worried every single night that she would fall and break something.  It was a bunk bed where the bottom was a full-sized bed for Kyle and I, and the top was a twin bed with railing.  Luckily, the rails did their job and she survived!  What a big girl we have on our hands.  There was one night that I laid Tyler down for bed in the room before putting her down, and she cried when I left and woke him up.  I came back in kind of angry that she woke him up and ready to scold her, and she was on the edge of her top bunk leaning over to tell Tyler "It's ok, Tyler.  Don't cry."  My heart melted. The kids were aweso

Video Time

I've been able to capture some fun videos of Alexa this week.  I won't be offended if you don't want to watch them.  This may be one of those things that only Kyle and I find entertaining...especially since there are 5 :) Here she is just finishing up singing Wheels on the Bus to her bunny, which I didn't catch in time.  You get the tail end of the change on the bus going clankity clank, but then she starts talking to her bunny so it's still cute. THEN she sings "I Am A Child of God" to her bunny and it is ADORABLE!!! While I was taking a shower yesterday, she decided to give her two bunnies a bath in Tyler's bath tub and sing to them while they took a bath... She now says her name "I'm Alexa Swingle!"

Happy Father's Day!

I woke up early to make Kyle breakfast, but while I jumped in the shower he cheated and got out of bed to make breakfast.  He was severely scolded.  I was excited to have Alexa bring him breakfast in bed.  Next year I suppose. I LOVE this picture!! We made Dad a Father's Day card :)  Some other funny poses.... We had a great time up at Rich & Wendy's vising with Matt & Molly while they're in the country from Singapore.  It's been years since I've seen them. Unfortunately, Kyle spent all night after Father's Day in the bathroom throwing up his delicious Father's Day food :(.  Not a great way to end the day.

Tyler - 4.5 months old!

Tyler is now a rockin' 4 1/2-month old.  This happy, skinny dude is only in the 5th percentile for weight, so his pediatrician is having us do bottles after each time I nurse to try and fatten him up.  We're doing weekly weigh ins to check his progress for now. He has started to roll over from his back to belly like a champ.  He doesn't so much love the Bumbo or his jumper, but he loves being on his back with his mirrors/rings/bells above him.  He can entertain himself for a long time like that.  He HATES real food and cries every time we try to give him rice cereal or mashed bananas.  So we've given up for now and will try again later.  Milk it is.  Alexa was the opposite--really, really liked being able to have solid food. He loves to grab his toes! The many faces of Tyler.... The rare pouty face.  But what a fat lip! We love those big blue eyes! the "duck face" when he's stretching The "I hate being swaddled right n