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Old emails

I decided to add all my old family emails so that they're all documented here on my blog.  So, you can ignore these--it's more for my own reference. 11/13/11 I've been meaning to start doing family letters for about 6 months, and every time Whitney sends one it reminds me that I still haven't done it!  Sometimes I can't think of anything interesting we're doing so I'm not sure what I would write about anyway... However, it's been a busy, busy fall.  We miss Grandma Ludlow and Nana (Grandma Fiebiger), who were only 29 days apart and passed away within a couple weeks of each other.  I think our bosses thought we were lying when we took off work so close to each other for two grandma's funerals.  It was nice to be with so much family and know that both amazing ladies are back with their sweethearts and relieved from so much physical pain they had been experiencing.  Our only regret is that we never got to have Alexa meet Nana before she passed.


One of our really good friends is having a baby in July, and she loves penguins, so I decided to make her little guy a penguin towel. It was super easy and turned out really cute.  Alexa was my model after I finished it: I also made Alexa a quiet book for church out of scrap fabric lying around, some velcro, puffy paint, and magnets of course: velcro snowman mail the little hearts and take out sparkly coins (painted with sparkle nail polish) from the pot of gold) Easter eggs and button flowers (you can button them on and off) magnetic fish and a velcro flag catch the butterflies and pick the apples and put them in the basket velcro pumpkin face and turkey feathers velcro tree

June update

We got tickets to the Parade of Homes from our realtor a couple weeks ago, and had lots of fun looking at cool houses in the area.  Kyle used to go to POH as a kid and has always loved it.  Imagine that, a wanna-be-architect loving Parade of Homes? This was our favorite!  Ironically, not in the parade, but next door to one of the Parade Houses One of the houses had a slide from upstairs down to the first floor behind the garage and kitchen :) We had a GREAT time in California last week visiting family.  Sara and Emily (plus spouses and kids) flew out for Craig to go through the temple on Friday.  We drove out Wednesday night after work with Todd & Melissa and came back Sunday.  It was really special to have the whole family there at the temple.  Alexa did really well in the car considering that she was strapped down for ten hours, although she didn't go to sleep on Wednesday until 2am!!! Crazy baby.  On the way back, she was fighting a nap until sweet Uncle Todd

What we've been up to...

I'm going to try and do more regular (*shorter) posts so that it doesn't take hours to read our blog!  Some funny Alexa stories in the last week or so... 1) I was sitting in our kitchen eating breakfast while Alexa was crawling around and getting into things as usual. She likes to climb into our pantry and bang on our 5 gallon buckets filled with rice and flour, but this time she also thought it would be fun to open and close the accordion pantry doors repeatedly...until she closed them on herself and couldn't get them open again!  Come to find out that she had closed them and then knocked over the 10 lb bag of potatoes in there so that the door was jammed shut.  She was quite traumatized by the whole thing, I laughed because I saw the whole thing and thought it was so funny how she had accidentally trapped herself in, and then she happily went on her merry way to go grab some of her books of the bookshelf in her room. I'll take a quick story break to post cute pict