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January 2015 - Frosty the Snowman

This month I'll just share some fun quotes and stories that will hopefully give you a glimpse into our silly family.  No wonder these people make me smile and laugh so much. Milestones : Tyler can count to 10 all by himself. He will hide by himself for hide and seek. Alexa can say the first four Articles of Faith completely from memory. Alexa has graduated from nursery to primary at Church and she is definitely a little socialite. The kids built their first snowman. Kyle learned how to braid Alexa's hair. The kids love playing Go Fish! Tyler and Grandpa were partners for this particular game. Quotes / Stories of the Month:  Alexa asked me, "How was work today?" Me: "Good.  I interviewed some people to work there." Alexa (serious face, having an adult conversation): "Oh, that's good.  That's nice.  What else?" Alexa (overheard while playing with Tyler): "We need to get in a rocket ship to go to Earth with