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September 2021 - COVID hits

Richard and Megan came and stayed with us for Labor Day weekend and we had a blast at Splash Summit, hiking to Donut Falls, and playing with cousins.   The week after that Kyle started feeling sick.  He had a fever, body aches, and chills.  I got the same thing 2 days later and we tested positive for COVID.  I was sick for 2-3 days and then had a bad headache and congestion for another few days after that, but Kyle was hit hard.  He had a fever on and off for 9 days and was feeling miserable.  He lost 20 pounds in that week.  Todd and Jason gave him a blessing on day 10.  Because we both had it and couldn't isolate from the kids, they had a 3 week quarantine from school.  We busted out all the craft supplies, puzzles, and games, and ordered some new toys and crafts from Amazon.  We also did contactless Walmart pick up for the first time, which is pretty dang convenient.  The kids did a good job having to stay home for that long.  I did have one morning conference call while working

August 2021 - Nathan is 1!

Alexa, Tyler, and Tad have all started soccer.  This is Tad's first year (finally old enough) and he is loving it. He scored 3 goals in his first game! Another kid on his team started kicking the ball towards the other goal (you know, because they're all 5) and Tad chased him screaming at the top of his lungs, "That's the wrong way! Stop! Stopppp!! Turn around!"  They had a break shortly thereafter and the coach pulled that kid aside to quietly remind him which way to go and Tad ran over to their private conversation and wanted to make sure the coach knew he tried to get the kid to stop haha.  He feels all the strong feelings about soccer.  And pretty much everything else in life. Kyle started an incentive during baseball season that if the kids get a hit they get a slurpie, so now in soccer if they get a goal they earn a slurpie, too. Tad is sufficiently motivated to say the least.  Alexa and Tyler are currently really into rollerblading.  It's the cool thing

July 2021 - Swingle Family Reunion

For the 4th of July Kyle smoked ribs and we hosted a little neighborhood BBQ.  It was fun to be able to get together and visit with the Statens, Beagleys, and Kollers. We held our first Swingle family reunion this month in southern Utah.  Emily planned it all and did an amazing job.  We did a fun hike to a rock tunnel, went boating, 4 wheeling, did a drum circle, relay races, eating contest, lots of games, and a talent show.  One of the games was to tape candy to t-shirts and have all the cousins chase the person wearing the shirt to pull the candy off.  Marmie was the host for the little kids, so they grabbed all her candy and then gave her big hugs.  It was adorable.  Sara wore the candy shirt for the middle age group, and Kyle wore it for the teenagers.  For the talent show our family lip synced to It's Raining Tacos.  Tad was super into it but Liam held on to me, screaming and crying, for the whole song.  Tyler helped Marmie with magic tricks and thought it was sooo cool.  He&#