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October - Baby Liam

The most exciting event of the month was the arrival of our sweet baby Liam Ezra.  He came 5 days early on October 13, Grandpa Swingle's birthday and Friday the 13th.  My water broke at about 1:45am and I laid back in bed for an hour with contractions before going to take a warm bath downstairs.  By 4am I called our midwife to put her on alert.  The contractions were getting worse, so it took me about 20 minutes to crawl up the stairs on my hands and knees to wake up Kyle, who had drugged himself with Nyquil but woke up right away.  I stopped on almost every step on the way upstairs.  At 4:45 Kyle called the midwife back and asked her to head over, and he also called Emily and Sara to see if one of them was willing to come get the other kids.  3 midwives got here just before 5am and Liam made his grand appearance at 5:20am.  Jason Luna arrived just after he was born to pick up the sleeping kids.  Liam was our first water birth--he came out in the bath tub.  I was not intending to d