Friday, March 1, 2013

Meeting the family

Since it's been a month, I figured a quick update and picture log was due.   That flew by--I can't believe Tyler is a month old today!  Not much happening here besides lots of baby cuddling, lazy TV watching in pajamas, and book reading with Alexa.  I go back to work this afternoon for a few hours, though.

A couple weeks ago, Alexa grabbed me by my pajama pants and started dragging me to my room and telling me that I needed to get dressed.  Haha.  I told her that I didn't want to and I like my pjs :).  Her new kick is singing lots of songs, and the current favorites are ABCs, Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree, Once There Was a Snowman, Wheels on the Bus, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Alexa has done REALLY well with Tyler.  No jealousy fits as of yet (knock on wood).  She does get slightly upset when we pull her away from smothering Tyler with hugs and he's crying because he can't breathe!

Alexa has loved all the play time with all four grandparents these past few weeks, and asks for them on an almost daily basis to come play with her more.  We worried that she would have a lot of breakdowns after all that attention, but she has done really well.  A couple more Alexa stories and then I'm done.  Kyle laid a sleepy girl down for a nap a couple weeks ago, and then went into our bedroom.  He sneezed about 10 minutes after laying her down, and Alexa quickly yelled "bless you!!"  We both laughed even though she was supposed to be sleeping.

Kyle got a new phone, so we gave his old one to Alexa as a toy.  Just so you know, even without a SIM card, the phone will still dial 911 with the push of the call button!!  Not that we would know from experience.  Luckily, I was right next to her and heard them answer, and then quickly grabbed the phone and apologized.  We let the phone battery die all the way before letting her play with it again!

Alexa loves Dora cartoons right now, and it's so cute to hear her learning some Spanish from our Spanish kids books and from Dora.  Her favorite Spanish word right now is "arriba!" (up).

Tyler has been such a good baby!  He is generally really chill, and falls back asleep after eating every 3 hours at night.  Alexa was up half the night for the first few weeks, and by now she had thrown up all over us at least a hundred times.  One tough thing with a February baby is being stuck inside all day, though.  It's definitely hard on Alexa, too.  We would go on walks with her every day when she was born, but it's too cold to take Tyler out and we can't go indoors to walk around because the doctor said not to take him out in public until April or May!  Ouch.  The flu and RSV season is really late this year, so inside it is.  Kyle and I are trying to trade off bundling up and running around in the yard with Alexa so she can get out a little.  Hopefully, it warms up in a couple weeks so I can take the kids outside together.

Alexa was a big fan of the chocolate covered strawberries someone brought by

Daddy and Alexa all ready to go to church without us
And again.....

love those chicken legs!

1 Month Old! 

To reward you for looking at all these pictures, I saved my two favorites for the end :)

Family Photo Shoot

We took family pictures when Tyler was a week and a half old.