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June 2021 - Softball Champions

Alexa and Tyler started their first season of softball and baseball so it has been fun to spend summer evenings at the ball field.  Alexa's team won the Lehi City tournament so they will go to State in July.  We've also played baseball together as a family at the neighborhood park a few times.  It doesn't get better than a 3 year old on 2nd base while a 5 year old is up to bat, with a baby in the outfield eating loose baseballs. Video of Alexa hitting a triple at State! It's fun to get Nathan and Harlem together and see them grow since they're only 2 weeks apart. Cute baby cousins. We had the neighbors over for a backyard campout.  We enjoyed s'mores and camped together outside. We sadly lost our goldfish, Sunny, at the end of June.  Tad didn't want him "to go back to the ocean" aka flush him down the toilet (I think this came from Finding Nemo?) so he dug a 2-inch hole in our front yard and said a few words about how h

May 2021 - Hawaii

We celebrated 10 years at Thrive last year (they give a trip as your 10-year gift!), our anniversary, and Kyle and Alexa's birthdays by taking the family to Hawaii.  It was sooo much fun.   The flight there was a little crazy.  It was supposed to leave SLC at 9am so we woke up at 6:30am to get to the airport. When we woke up we saw a text sent at 6am saying our flight had been moved up an hour, to 8am.  Needless to say, we ran out of the house in a panic.  Kyle took the kids to security and I ran to check our bags at 7:20am, but the agent said she couldn't check them because it was less than 45 minutes before the flight.  They bumped us to a different flight through Denver that left an hour later, but they couldn't seat us all together so we were split into pairs all over the plane on our 7 hour flight from Denver to Honolulu.  Alexa took care of Tad, Tyler and I got baby for the first half, and then I traded Kyle for Liam and he took baby the last half of the flight.  We w