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December 2021 - Christmas and Basketball

Tad had his first season of Jr. Jazz Basketball and 8 of his teammates were from our same neighborhood.  He was soo excited that he now has 3 medals from soccer, wrestling, and basketball.  He was also thrilled to get a poster of the "big" Jazz players and a Donavan Mitchell basketball card from his coach.  The league gave the kids colored wristbands so you and another kid on the opposing team knew who to guard because you both had the same band color.  Tad did a great job rebounding and came a long way on dribbling and shooting.  Video of Tad taking a shot: We had a wonderful Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Sweeny visiting from Indiana.  Alexa got a cat body pillow and the Wimpy Kid book set, Tyler got hamsters and a magic kit, Tad got a dinosaur that walks and roars and breaths out smoke, as well as a Bluey book and a new scooter, Liam also got a new scooter and some magnetic fish and fishing poles, and Nathan got some toy trucks and a floor

November 2021 - Wrestle-mania and Thanksgiving in CA

We had fun at Airborne with Todd & Melissa.  It was nice to jump around and get some wiggles out as the weather is turning colder.  Video of Alexa and Todd battling: We were excited to birdsit for some neighbors while they were in Hawaii.  The kids LOVED playing with Scooter the bird for a week.   Baby climbed onto and then passed out on the kitchen table one afternoon.  Kyle was able to capture the moment.  Tyler and I went on a rock climbing date and he made it all the way to the top of the wall! Alexa and I went to a play at the Middle School for our date.  It was called Once Upon a High School and it was written by the students.  It was about fairy tale characters going to a normal high school.   Other nonsense from November-- I got to go to a Jazz game with our sales team and it was a lot of fun.  We had great seats and the arena was packed so there was great energy from the fans.   We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving in California with Marmie and Gr