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August recap

We're glad to have Dad (Grandpa) out here in Utah right now, and it's been fun to see him a couple times this week.  He even got Great Grandma Sweeny to come down for dinner and Rook last night!  Alexa is confused as to why Grandma is not here with Grandpa, but loves playing with him all the same.  She was also very excited that he came here on an airplane and that we got to pick him up from the airport. Big news is that Alexa now sleeps in a bunk bed!  And she is the best daughter in the world!!  I was really nervous to take her out of the crib because it helps us maintain control for going to bed on time and taking good naps.  Oh, and because I've heard horror stories from so many parents!  But she is amazing!  We talked to her about staying on her pillow and there's been one morning in the last 6 weeks that she was out of bed after a nap or in the morning--and it was because she was standing at the edge of her bed quietly reading a book.  One time.  I was also real