Monday, December 19, 2016

November 2016 - Seattle

The highlight this month was driving to Seattle to see Grandma and Grandpa Sweeny on their mission.  Tyler and Tad ended up with hand, foot, and mouth and had some miserable nights, but we were so happy to be together.

Day 1: We got to the Seattle Institute right as Grandma was finishing her last class, so it was fun to see her teach and meet some of the students.  She immediately grabbed Tad for a good cuddle.  Then we saw some of the University of Washington campus and visited a fun history museum in the rain.

Day 2: We took the kids to Canada!  We went to the beautiful Capilano Suspension Bridge Park outside of Vancouver, where we explored a temperate rain forest.  They have suspension bridges between the canopies of trees, so you're walking from tree to tree about 100 feet off the ground.  

Day 3: We celebrated Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's apartment.  We went outside to play and blow bubbles, went to the Sheraton Hotel to see their gingerbread house display, and to the Institute to play hide and seek, charades, Jenga, pool, foosball, and ping pong.

Day 4: We ran around downtown Seattle and saw the Space Needle, Pike Place, rode the Giant Ferris Wheel, and played at the zoo park.  The kids had a blast feeding french fries to the seagulls at the pier.

Other highlights of November--

Alexa did a great job on her Primary church program this month.  She sang loudly and wasn't shy at all ;).

Here is a short video of our favorite song she sang during the program, titled Gethsemane.

Kyle was invited to join a friend for a corporate flag football tournament at the BYU practice fields and now Alexa tells everyone her dad plays on the BYU football team.  Haha.  It was freezing cold, but we had lots of fun cheering him on.

We usually do family movie night on Fridays and decided to show the kids the original Star Wars movies.  We have some Star Wars books so they know most of the characters.  They have been talking "like Chewbacca" and it's absolutely hilarious.  Thankfully, I was able to capture it on video.

We had a great visit from Kurt & Romy this month.  Romy's visa went through so they will be married in a few weeks!  Alexa loves to follow Romy around and try on all of her clothes and jewelry.  Romy calls Alexa her little princess and has taught her a few words in German.

The kids helped rake all of the leaves in the backyard and had a blast jumping in the pile.  Tad was not content to watch from his blanket and joined right in on the fun.

Our silly kids keep us on our toes and laughing all the time.  Pictures below from Tyler the super hero pinching all evil that comes our way, a lion he drew at my office, preparing for his future with glasses, lots of naked peaches in the bath tub, practicing writing letters on my computer, enticing Tad up the stairs with his karate belt, and other fun.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

October 2016 - Alice in Wonderland & a new Bishopric

All of the family got together for Damien's baptism.  It was wonderful to be a part of it.  He is a sweet kid--always very polite and helpful--which makes him stand out from other kids his age.  He genuinely wants to make good choices and help people.  It was also neat to hear Sara speak, Jason bear his testimony, and have Quinn bear his testimony later that night at Emily's house.

We did pumpkin painting again this year with the Wilsons.  The kids had fun both painting and dressing Tad up in various outfits.

Kyle and I did the Park City ghost tour with the Beattys this month.  It was fun to learn about the history of Park City.  And we heard some great stories along the way.
Date night #2--we went to the Utah Symphony to hear them perform superhero theme songs.  We only had to walk a couple of blocks downtown, but it was through a torrential downpour and we arrived looking like a couple of drowned rats.  I had a 2-day training in Salt Lake so Kyle took the train up and we had a nice dinner downtown.  All in all, a lovely date night.

We took advantage of Alexa's fall break and planned some family time.  I took Tyler to work for a half day (his request) and he was a champ through several back-to-back meetings.  Here is a picture of him in our new conference room making shapes with straws while I was on a conference call with our VP, Marketing Director, and a couple of project managers.  He even got to go up onto the roof of our building with me and a couple of mechanical contractors who are bidding out a project for us.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Curiosity Museum.  And I had a hotel voucher so we spent the night in Lehi and swam in the hotel pool!  On Saturday we hiked the beautiful Donut Falls in Cottonwood Canyon.  We even saw a moose right off the trail.

Kyle was put into our local church leadership by being asked to serve as a 2nd counselor to our new Bishop.  He feels overwhelmed and inadequate, but grateful for the opportunity to serve.  This calling means that he was ordained a High Priest, which he felt a little young for :).  The last time he served in a Bishopric was in a singles ward when we were first married and he didn't have to be ordained a High Priest since he was presiding over young college students.  His parents graciously drove up here with hardly any notice, only 3 weeks after they were here for Damien's baptism earlier in the month. They are so supportive and wonderful.  Kyle's Dad sustained him as a High Priest, and it made me realize that this is likely the last opportunity for Kyle to receive a personal blessing like that from his Dad for a while.  It was tender for both of them and I wish I recorded it.

The change means that I will be released as Young Women's President soon, which is bittersweet.  I have only been with the Young Women for 18 months and feel like I'm just getting into a groove and have built really good relationships with them.  I have so much more that I want to do and I love these girls!  The good news is that I will see more of my kids, though, as much of my Sundays and Wednesdays are usually spent away from them.  The other change from Kyle's new calling is that he was asked to shave his beard.  And I miss it!

On a lighter note, we had a fun Halloween as Alice, the Mad Hatter, the white rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, and her fearless soldier.  The kids trick or treated at my office and then we went to Emily's neighborhood to trick or treat with Aden, Ellie, and Dean.

To end the post, here are some cute boys.  I realized Tad was eating handfuls of berries in a white onesie--what were we thinking?!  And a picture of our Tyler man showing off his hair, which he loves to style himself.  I walked in on Tyler and Tad wresting under the kitchen table in their jammies the other day and my heart melted a little bit.  Lastly, a sleepy, squishy Tad cuddling with Daddy.

Quotes/stories to remember:
We were playing charades and Kyle was acting like a "lady"--strutting his stuff, showing off his curves, etc.  Tyler immediately yelled out "I know what you are, a chicken!!"