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May 2015 Part 2 - California

We got to California Sunday afternoon and the Tates flew in about an hour later.  We rented a minivan for the drive out so that Craig and Chelsea could go with us.  Monday was spent grilling and swimming, although Tyler missed most of the fun because of his 3 hour nap.  The Haskins came over and we played lots of games, including the mandatory game of Risk (world domination).  Alexa and Chelsea got to share a room and Chelsea said she woke up Monday morning to Alexa singing to herself in bed.  What a diva. I'm so glad we were able to go out at the same time as the Tates.  It's been too long since I've seen them and it was so fun to meet adorable baby Ellie. We hit up the outlets on Tuesday and had more pool time.  Wednesday was the big fun day.  We tried to hit Disneyland when it opened, so we were on the road bright and early.  The kids did really well and we left the park to head home around 6:30pm.  We made great use of the rider switch passes to go back and forth

May 2015 - Time to party

Tyler is our little Einstein.  He has already started writing the beginning of his name on his own a couple of months ago.  I was so surprised when he sat down at the kitchen table and wrote a ‘T’ and ‘Y’ on a piece of paper and pointed excitedly, “Mom!  ‘T’ for Tyler!”  I thought Kyle had been practicing with him, but it turns out he is a great observer of his big sister writing her own name and decided to just do it on his own, much like most of his other accomplishments like walking and climbing the stairs.  He also draws circles and faces (he drew a picture of Kyle in church today!) and is a pro at coloring in the lines.  He's just so cute!  I’m counting on him to pay for our retirement.   Seriously, look at this kid.  He's adorable. Also, he is in love with his Grandpa.  It's so nice to have Mom and Dad living out here.  I love that we get to see them so often. Ok, I'm done.  Thank you for indulging in my Mom brag moment. May is our fun celeb