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February 2024 - Birthday Magic & Outbuilding Vacancy

We surprised Tyler with tickets to dinner and a legit magic show with a friend for his birthday.  He also got a new suit (his request), Lego Star Wars switch game, and a Top Gun hoodie.  He thought it was amazing that the hoodie had drawstrings so he could cinch it closed.  Both he and Brax got to go on stage and help the magician during the show, which they thought was so cool. Tyler birthday song: Tyler & Brax doing magic: For his party he chose Nickel City with friends. We celebrated Chinese New Year with the Slagles. For Valentine's Day Tyler made a cool Game Boy box.  Alexa the baby whisperer and Audrey the cutie.  We watched Ian and he loooovvved Alexa so much. Liam was chosen as student of the week in his class. He got to make a poster and draw a picture of something he did to be a helper that week.  For his drawing he showed he and Kyle doing flower deliveries toget

January 2024 - Racquetball

Tyler picked racquetball for our date night.  It has been at least 15 years since I've played so we called my Dad for a refresher on the rules while we drove to the rec center.  It was really fun, although Tyler said it was too much running and took several breaks where he laid on the ground in between points.  Not to be left out of the fun, a couple of weeks later Tad and I played racquetball as well.  Tad had a lot more energy than Tyler and ran to his heart's content all around the court. Tyler and Tad have been having a lot of recent fun with our face paint. It was nice enough to have family lunch outside in January!  Pretty amazing!  We meet up for lunch every Wednesday and have been doing it since Alexa and Tyler were little.  In the summer we meet at a park near my office and in the winter we eat in the break room at work or at the indoor playground at Carl's Jr.  Baby Audrey was fearless on the playground and wanted to climb right to the top and slide down.  It made

December 2023 - Swingle Reunion at Bear Lake

We went to the new Vineyard temple open house together.  It was beautiful.  We especially loved all the stained glass cherry blossoms and the large painting of Bridal Veil Falls.   Tad and Liam finished their Jr Jazz season and loved it.  Liam has been waiting for YEARS to play Jr Jazz like his older siblings! For Christmas, Tad asked Santa for light saber, remote control car, Jack in the Box, snow globe, and a box of candy canes :).  He got a light saber...Liam asked for a real Mario go kart thanks to the Amazon catalog.  We reminded him that Santa doesn't make cars (just toys) so instead he asked for a pilot dashboard toy.   We went to the Young Living Country Christmas and were sad that they no longer have a live nativity, Christmas village, live animals, or Mrs. Claus handing out cookies and reading Christmas stories.  Also, the Santa was really creepy and kept persistently and uncomfortably asking Chelsea, Alexa, and I to sit on his lap.  No thank you. We were so happy to have