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Rough Week

Our rough week in summary: Sunday - Alexa biffs it at church and lands on her face.  Bleeds all over Kyle and looks like she got punched in the mouth.  Poor girl.  Later that day, she was outside playing with her favorite toy at the Family Reunion, Roxy the dog.  Roxy lovingly puts her paw on Alexa's face and ends up scratching her--three perfect claw marks running all the way down the side of her face.  She still wanted to play with Roxy though, and was mad we took her inside to clean her up and take it easy.  Here's a video of her "talking" to the dog (growling) earlier in the week. Monday - Dad is sick starting Sunday and going through Monday.  He is  nauseous , pale, light headed, and spends most of the reunion in bed. Tuesday - Kyle wakes up early and throws up until there's nothing left.  Spends the day tired and miserable. Wednesday - Jenny copies Kyle and throws up 8 times. Thursday - Jenny (12 weeks pregnant) is on her way to work and starts b

Family Time

We've been lucky to be around so much family these past couple weeks.  Aaron and Carrie came to visit Thursday night (a week and a half ago, I'm behind...) and spent the night with us.  It was great to meet Carrie and see Aaron again! Our little Newsie girl Then we went off to the Ludlow Family Reunion in Midway on Friday.  We spent most of the day Saturday at Deer Valley on the beach, boat, and kayaks.  Mom, Dad, Adam & Karen's family, and Ben and Maria came out for it, so it was great to have so much immediate family out in Utah! The Ludlow Clan at the reunion visiting Grandma Sweeny before we went up to Midway Jack and Maria Kyle getting ready to get thrown off the tube! Alexa and Maria at Cascade Springs Grandpa Sweeny with Alexa and Maria Brendan and Whitney drove out to Utah the next week and got to stay with us Friday night.  We had lots of fun playing with their kids and visiting with everyone! playing Snort

Walking Along

I wrote this on July 15th and never posted it.... We have an official WALKER!  We no longer have to bribe Alexa by dangling toys in front of her so that she'll walk.  She does it on her own all the time now!  She's been able to walk across the room for the last month, but will only do it if one of us is on the other side with our arms wide open or like I said before, dangling food or toys.  But, as of last Monday (a week shy of 14 months), she decided to just up and do it on her own.  Yay!  Here's a video to prove it. A couple more stories, mostly about Alexa because we're obsessed.  She has recently discovered that emptying her diaper bin full of soggy, poopy cloth diapers is so much fun and that I respond in a delightful way.  It's amazing what small children can do in the short amount of time you're in another room!  Anyway, we had a nice chat about how disgusting that was, sanitized her entire body, the floor in her room, etc., and I'm sure th