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March 2022 - Spring Break with Brendan

The highlight of March was having Brendan and Whitney's family come to Utah on a train so that we could play together! It was SO WONDERFUL to have them here.  We loved every minute!  They got here on a Friday night and we spent Saturday playing, going to Airborne, eating snow cones, watching Alexa in her play, and celebrating Chase's birthday (which was on Friday).   We went to church on Sunday, packed up, and headed south by mid afternoon to hike Delicate Arch at sunset.  The sun was setting the whole way up, and then we hiked back with flashlights and headlamps.   We set up base camp at a hotel in Moab.  We hiked during the day and then swam in the hotel pool and played games at night.  On Monday we hiked more in Arches NP, including Landscape Arch, Navajo Arch, and Partition Arch.  We drove past Balanced Rock, the "Indiana Jones arch" (Double Arch), and Parade of Elephants.   On Tuesday we did Canyonlands National Park.  It was rainy and cold but the views were bea