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December 2020 - Covid Christmas & New Years in NV

Todd and Melissa have officially moved back to the Western States and we were excited to have them stay with us for a few days right before Christmas. Liam loves to play "I Spy." We played it at the dentist when he was scared and it was a great distraction. He always wants to play it in the car and while we're eating dinner.  Tad insists on wearing mismatched jammies.  He will take the bottoms from one set and the top from another and mix them together, usually with very different patterns.  It drives me crazy!  But it's not a battle that's worth fighting, I have to save my energy with this kid. Tad and Liam moved into their own room and baby Nathan moved in with Tyler.  Kyle and I are happy to have our room to ourselves, Tad and Liam think it's so cool to have their own room, and Tyler loves sharing with baby.  It's a win all around.  Alexa was excited to do a sleepover with all the boys on Christmas Eve.   Baby Nathan (4 months old) is very comfortable i

November 2020 - Great Grandma Swingle

We lost our amazing Great Grandma Swingle this month. It was very sudden. She had dinner at our house on November 1, we brought her some soup November 15 because she wasn't feeling well, and she passed away November 21. She went to the hospital in early November because she had a cough and tested positive for pneumonia and COVID, but had not been feeling well for a week and a half. She may have also had some small strokes that caused her to pass so suddenly. Her passing was sudden, but bittersweet because she is able to be with Grandpa again. I personally feel that being healthy and enjoying life up to the end (able to be independent, socially active, close to family, etc.) and then passing suddenly (within a couple weeks of not feeling well) is a tender mercy and sweet blessing for a wonderful woman. The funeral was held the following week in Arizona and all of her children and a few grandchildren were able to attend. The funeral itself was very uplifting. Time was made to s