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November 2016 - Seattle

The highlight this month was driving to Seattle to see Grandma and Grandpa Sweeny on their mission.  Tyler and Tad ended up with hand, foot, and mouth and had some miserable nights, but we were so happy to be together. Day 1: We got to the Seattle Institute right as Grandma was finishing her last class, so it was fun to see her teach and meet some of the students.  She immediately grabbed Tad for a good cuddle.  Then we saw some of the University of Washington campus and visited a fun history museum in the rain. Day 2: We took the kids to Canada!  We went to the beautiful Capilano Suspension Bridge Park outside of Vancouver, where we explored a temperate rain forest.  They have suspension bridges between the canopies of trees, so you're walking from tree to tree about 100 feet off the ground.   Day 3: We celebrated Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's apartment.  We went outside to play and blow bubbles, went to the Sheraton Hotel to see their gingerbread house d