Sunday, July 7, 2019

June 2019 - Alexa's baptism

Both sets of grandparents came out for Alexa's baptism.  4 kids from our ward were baptized the same day and the Stake combines all the baptisms for the month together.  Kyle baptized and confirmed her.  Alexa chose Uncle Craig and Grandpa Swingle to be the witnesses.  The Stake did all the talks, prayers, and songs.  Here's what Alexa wrote in her journal that evening--

"Baptism Day!!!  When you are baptized and reseve the gift of the holy goust you now know right and wrong and the holy goust will giud you.  Satin will try to tempt you but you can portect yourself by tring as hard as you can to stay on the covenant path and living are gosple standers.  Not just the holy goust can giud you but are Heavently father and Jesus Christ.

I felt very excited today because I was going to be baptized it was very special because I was making my first covenant to God once I was baptized and reseved the gift of the holy goust.  I felt this strong warmth in my heart and I new the holy goust was telling me that I had done and chosen the right choice to be baptized and reseve him." 

Our Bishop invited all the kids to go up and sit on the stand during sacrament meeting the following day.  Alexa bore a beautiful testimony about how she felt during her baptism and how she knew it was the right choice and that Heavenly Father was happy she made a good choice.

Marmie stayed with us for 2 weeks in June and ran all around with the kids.  We love our Marmie and miss her lots already.  We didn't even get a game night in.  She went with us to the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days carnival, which was windy but fun.

Kyle quit Vasa this month due to the fact that parents there are crazy and we have sooo much work to do on the house.

We were excited to celebrate Kyle on Father's Day and the boys all got matching ties.  Alexa has been working on her breakfast skills and Father's Day was pretty awesome.  She made a flower out of berries and cream, delicious (fully cooked ;) eggs, raspberry limeade, and yogurt.

Kyle rototilled a big section of the yard and built 3 grow boxes.  We have been moving lots of rocks and digging up rail road ties buried in the front yard.  One Saturday I told all the kids--and neighbors who were over playing--that I would pay them a penny for every rock they moved out of the front yard.  One of the 9-year old neighbors moved 2,000 and got paid 20 bucks!  He was by my side the whole time, working for hours.  Tad helped me catch all the roly polies of course.  Also, I wall-textured my face, so that was fun...

For Alexa's birthday she wanted a dance party.  She made a Spotify playlist and hooked up her bluetooth disco speaker light.  We got glow in the dark balloons, bracelets, glasses, etc. and disco necklaces.  She got a unicorn glitter poop gem dig kit, fingerling monkey, stuff to make friendship bracelets, matching unicorn t-shirts, and a pizza made out of money.

Grandma and Grandpa Swingle sent us a toy airplane and piano from Indiana.  They are the best!  They found someone who was moving from Illinois to Bountiful, Utah and had space on their moving truck.  The kids love the airplane and have simulated lots of trips around the world to places like the Great Wall of China, Peru, etc.  They have also simulated several plane crashes in the jungle and other various locations.  Glad it's just pretend.

We're excited to have a family heirloom with the piano.  The kids have already enjoyed playing a lot.  I need to brush up on my piano skills (i.e. re-learn the 3 songs I used to know).  Maybe Alexa and I can take lessons together.

Lastly, we put in a Costco pool in the backyard.  It's about 15 feet long and 4 feet deep when filled to the top.  Alexa looooves it, the boys think it's still a little chilly so they jump in and out and warm up on the trampoline.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

May 2019 - 10 Anos

We celebrated our 10th Anniversary this month!  The cemetery put Joshua's headstone in place on our anniversary, so we grabbed Chick-Fil-A with the kids to celebrate 10 years together and headed down to Benjamin.  On our second trip there later this month I opened up Facebook on my phone right as we were pulling off the freeway and I got this prompted memory of Great Grandma Ludlow holding baby Alexa.  It was a sweet reminder that she is taking care of our little boy now, part of the reason that Kyle wanted to bury Joshua next to her.  The timing of the photo memory was a tender mercy.

Thrive gave us a voucher to Sundance for Christmas so we saved it for our anniversary and enjoyed an absolutely wonderful weekend up in the mountains.  Sara and Jason were kind enough to watch our kids so we could get away.  We saw Avengers Endgame, did a soap making class, a couples massage, had dinner at the Tree Room, and thoroughly enjoyed our cabin tucked up in the mountains. 

Alexa has been getting ready for her upcoming baptism.  We got illustrated versions of the scriptures from the Distribution Center and she has been studying and reading them a lot.  Her goal was to read the 170-page Book of Mormon Stories book before her baptism, which she did easily and also finished the New Testament.  She has studied really hard and continues to amaze me.  Kyle and I always said that we would not want our kids to be baptized at 8 just because they can, particularly if they do not want to and / or are not ready (don't understand what it is or why, aren't ready to make that commitment, etc.).  I don't like the stigma that no matter what you will get baptized right away as soon as you turn 8 because some kids may not be ready or not want to, and need to understand the covenant.  Sometimes I think there's a little too much peer pressure on parents and kids alike, and we promised each other early in our marriage that we would not rush our kids into it.  I know there's already pressure on them growing up in the Church and wanting to make good choices, but as much as possible I want it to be a personal understanding and decision, not just to please their parents or church leaders or family.  Alexa is pretty incredible.  She has blown me away.  I think she knows more about scripture stories, gospel doctrine, baptism, the Savior's ministry, and the meaning of things than most adults.  She taught our family a Home Evening lesson about baptism and everything you promise to the Lord and what He promises you in return.

We did a quick trip to Vegas / St. George to return Bob Luna's truck.  We crashed at Shauna's place and ran over to Thunder Junction Saturday morning for the splash pad and train ride.  We got home Saturday night in time for Mother's Day and Kyle's birthday on the same day. 

Sweet Alexa woke up early and made breakfast all on her own.  She wanted to make breakfast in bed for both of us since it was a double holiday.  Cute girl made scrambled eggs, bacon, and juice and brought it all to us on a tray in bed.  The eggs were quite runny and needed a few more minutes in the pan, but the juice was the best part.  She made grape Kool-Aid but didn't realize you had to add sugar to it and said it didn't taste sweet she added hot chocolate powder to make it taste sweeter.  Hahaha.  She did amazing considering that she is 7, but man did we have a good laugh.

She also gave all of us massages so that we could relax :).  And made me some dice as a gift, one with a number on it and the other with a nice thing she would do.  For example, 5 hugs.  Or kisses, cuddles, etc. What a sweet, sweet girl.

Alexa's birthday came next.  She got a rainbow unicorn umbrella, rain boots, live caterpillars that turned into butterflies, clothes, and books.  She wanted to dye a chunk of her hair blue for her birthday and we had fun doing it together after the boys were in bed.  The dye lasted about 3 weeks.

We took a really fun camping trip to Goblin Valley with the Lunas.  There's so much amazing stuff to see close to home in Utah!

Here is our view outside of the tent in the morning--

We did our annual Memorial Day breakfast in Riverton with Emily and took the kids to a history museum in Lehi. 

The kids officially finished school the last week of May and summer has begun!