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June 2019 - Alexa's baptism

Both sets of grandparents came out for Alexa's baptism.  4 kids from our ward were baptized the same day and the Stake combines all the baptisms for the month together.  Kyle baptized and confirmed her.  Alexa chose Uncle Craig and Grandpa Swingle to be the witnesses.  The Stake did all the talks, prayers, and songs.  Here's what Alexa wrote in her journal that evening-- "Baptism Day!!!  When you are baptized and reseve the gift of the holy goust you now know right and wrong and the holy goust will giud you.  Satin will try to tempt you but you can portect yourself by tring as hard as you can to stay on the covenant path and living are gosple standers.  Not just the holy goust can giud you but are Heavently father and Jesus Christ. I felt very excited today because I was going to be baptized it was very special because I was making my first covenant to God once I was baptized and reseved the gift of the holy goust.  I felt this strong warmth in my heart and I new the h

May 2019 - 10 Anos

We celebrated our 10th Anniversary this month!  The cemetery put Joshua's headstone in place on our anniversary, so we grabbed Chick-Fil-A with the kids to celebrate 10 years together and headed down to Benjamin.  On our second trip there later this month I opened up Facebook on my phone right as we were pulling off the freeway and I got this prompted memory of Great Grandma Ludlow holding baby Alexa.  It was a sweet reminder that she is taking care of our little boy now, part of the reason that Kyle wanted to bury Joshua next to her.  The timing of the photo memory was a tender mercy. Thrive gave us a voucher to Sundance for Christmas so we saved it for our anniversary and enjoyed an absolutely wonderful weekend up in the mountains.  Sara and Jason were kind enough to watch our kids so we could get away.  We saw Avengers Endgame, did a soap making class, a couples massage, had dinner at the Tree Room, and thoroughly enjoyed our cabin tucked up in the mountains.  Alexa