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Getting ready for Baby Bambino

We've all been battling being sick on and off these last couple weeks, and at one point Kyle was throwing up downstairs and Alexa was so worried about him.  She kept saying "daddy" in this horribly sad voice, and then "daddy hug? hug?" because she wanted to go make him feel better.  Such a sweetheart.  Alexa was feeling so tired and sick that she didn't wake up until almost 11 yesterday and 10 today!  I kept going in to make sure she was still breathing.  Normally just opening the door makes her wake right up, but not yesterday or today.  Kyle and I were of course awake at 7, and weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves to be honest. Alexa continues to be an awesome helper.  Kyle was sitting on the couch going through his stocking Starburst stash, and she was so excited to throw away his wrapper every time he opened a new one.  She also loves handing us our towels when we get out of the shower, and happily says "(you're) welcome!"  Wh

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

First of all, I will warn you that this post has a picture overload!  Too many great pictures of the family during our time in Indiana!  I'm even hoping to add some more in the next couple days, so I apologize for those of you who are overwhelmed with pictures of Alexa.  Kyle has been working at 5am since Thanksgiving (Monday through Saturday!), and the week before Christmas he had to stay until 5 or 6pm every day, so needless to say, the trip out to Indiana was wonderful not just because we got to see family, but because we got to actually spend time together with our little family!  Though the over time is nice for tuition payment, I’ve missed that!  There were quite a few nights where I would get home from work at 7 and Kyle was already falling asleep, so he would go to bed before Alexa and we’d get all of 30 groggy minutes together.  Alexa is becoming needy for mommy these days because she wasn’t around Kyle a lot those last few weeks, so it was nice to have more daddy tim