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November 2015 - haircuts and turkey

We had a fun visit with Grandma Sweeny in Utah.  Alexa went around Granny's house practicing her photography skills while we played together.  Here is a picture she took of Granny Gran on my phone. Alexa's big news this month is that she cut her hair!  Ahhh!  It has taken almost 5 years to get hair to her shoulders, so maybe it will grow back out by the time she's 10.  The best part is that she would stop and admire herself in the mirror or any reflection she found afterwards--just stroking her short hair and smiling.  So much for it being a bad thing that scarred her to the point of never doing it again!  It has set in now that she can't have "Elsa braids" and she says that she misses her long hair.   Here is her "I'm in trouble and just got caught face" that Kyle texted to me at work, in the middle of her haircut, and the after picture holding a drawing she did of our familia. Someone at church said to me that the haircut is s