Monday, April 22, 2013

Fries, please?

Most of you saw the Walgreen's story I put on Facebook.  I went through the pharmacy drive through with the kids and Alexa thought I was getting food, so she insisted that I get her some fries :).  I explained to her that I was getting medicine, but when they handed me a white paper bag she thought I secretly got food and was even more insistent.  It made me laugh.  Really hard.

She's on a Lion King kick lately, and here's a picture below of her watching it with her "Simba lion" who is really a thrift store lion with the coolest fro I've ever seen on a stuffed animal.  Also, we were reading a Hercules book one day after watching Lion King and she screamed "PUMBA!!!" when she saw Phil, the satyr.  Last but not least, we were having a Family Home Evening lesson about Noah's ark last week, and she excitedly pointed to "Simba!!" (a lion next to Noah) and "hyenas!!!" (goats next to the lion).
Kyle was feeding her dinner the other night and she turned to him and said "two more bites" all matter of fact like she made the rules and that was how it is.  Needless to say, he laughed and she had more than two more bites.

She says fun phrases all the time now.  On Saturday we were driving in the car and she randomly said "ice cream for everyone!!"   I had no idea where it came from, but I said, "that's a fantastic idea!"  Kyle, as Cub Scout Master, was in charge of the Pinewood Derby last month.  She was his professional assistant and would excitedly say "1,2,3, go!" to start each race.  She loved it, and so did all of the other adults there.

Last night at dinner we were having green beans.  She saw Kyle pull them out of the microwave and said "zucchini!!" Kyle said, "no, these are green beans." Alexa: "green beanies!!"

Last Alexa story.  She threw up ALL OVER Kyle in sacrament meeting a couple weeks ago.  Projectile style.  The first speaker got up and Tyler started getting fussy so I handed Alexa to Kyle and she immediately threw up everywhere on him (whew, I dodged a bullet there).  We both just kind of stared at each other for a minute--shocked and dumbfounded.  The mom of the family sitting behind us immediately started passing gum out to her kids and said "it's ok, kids.  It's alright.  Just chew your gum and breathe through your mouth."  And I talked to the other counselor in the primary after to tell her I was leaving and wouldn't be in primary and she said, "yeah, we could hear Alexa all the way over here on the other side of the room."  Yumm.  She was fine the rest of the day, so we're not sure what that was all about or if she ate something that just didn't quite agree with her...?  Needless to say, we left right away and hosed Alexa and Kyle down.

At 2.5 months, Tyler usually sleeps from about 7 or 8pm to 2am, and then still wakes up every 3 hours.  He is getting more and more smiley, and we love cuddling with this cute, chill little boy!  His hair is kind of red in the sun light, so I'm curious to see what color it grows in as.

Kyle was made Vice President of our Home Owners Association, so we're brainstorming good ways to improve the neighborhood this summer!  He'll be great.

Fun sibling pics:
Alexa trying to play peek-a-boo with Tyler in their penguin PJs

He started crying so she started to pat him and said "don't cry, Tyler.  It's ok!"

first ride in our double stroller! Thanks, Anne!!

Right when I went to take a picture of her holding him they both started crying.  Look at those big blue eyes.  And again, matching PJs!
She loves all the dandelions at the park

Love this boy's faces!

You can't contain me!!

Happy 3 month birthday!

Marmie (Grandma Swingle) gave him a dinosaur puppet, which I thought he wouldn't care about for another couple months, but Kyle set it next to him and he grabbed it right away, smiled, and wouldn't let go.  Cutest thing I've ever seen!!!!!!

Ready for church!

Hee Haw Farm

We took Alexa to Hee Haw Farm in Pleasant Grove and she LOVED it!  It was the perfect time of year to go, too, because it was full of baby animals!

Family hay ride.  Tyler is in there somewhere...

baby bunnies!

baby piggies

Feeding the goats.  They were everywhere!

baby cows

holding the baby goats

baby chicks and ducks

She loved riding the pony, which selfishly made me really, really happy because I want her to grow up and love horses like me!!  She's been asking to ride the horsey every day since.  Today she insisted that I give her horsey rides across the living room.

They had a giant pit of corn to play in, which I affectionately called a white trash beach.  Alexa was not a fan because the ground moved when she tried to walk.  She just cried.

A big fan of tetherball with daddy even though it kept hitting her in the face!

Kyle thought this was one of those things where you put your face in and take pictures.  Nope.  It was a bean bag toss haha.  No wonder the face holes are so small!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

What we've been up to....

Tyler is starting to smile more and coo--we love it!  Still a really good baby--usually very mellow and easy going.  Normally, he's still waking up every 3-5 hours during the night, although some special nights he's up every 1.5 hours.  He just turned 2 months old this week.  Here's a 1 month picture and recent 2 month pictures to show you how fat he's getting!

1 Month

Even though I'm sleepy, I do love our morning cuddle time in bed.  Look at that cute face!

Fat smile

Alexa is now great at filling in the blanks in a bunch of songs and books, counting to 10 all by herself, naming the colors and shapes (she knows circle, star, heart, triangle, square and diamond).  And she talks so well!  I still can't believe how quickly she picks things up and how well she is now saying phrases / small sentences (usually about 5 words at a time).  Her recent kick is having us draw things for her, mostly spiders because of the Itsy Bitsy Spider song she loves.  Another popular request is drawing crabs on the beach, and then every once in a while other random animals like puppies, cows, and kittens.  She is also currently obsessed with nursery and asks to go often.  She sometimes gets mad and tries to drag us into nursery when we go to church and walk past the nursery room to go to sacrament meeting first.  Also, at the end of every talk when people say "in the name of Jesus Christ, amen," she looks at us and (not quietly) says "nursery?!!"  It's the best on fast & testimony Sundays because she says it about 20 times whenever people finish their testimonies and everyone around us laughs.

We popped popcorn and watched How to Train Your Dragon during
Priesthood Session of General Conference last night :)

She loved having all these grandparents here to read her books lately

Random places she has been reading books this week....

Playing golf in her PJs in the backyard with daddy.  Thanks, Todd & Melissa, for the fun golf set!

Alexa loves to give Tyler hugs and kisses, and a few weeks ago she leaned in to give him a hug when he was hungry.  He proceeded to latch on to her cheek and start sucking.  Her face popped up with this huge grin on her face and she said "Tyler kisses!!!"  She was so happy that he was kissing her back haha.

Tyler was fussy and wouldn't calm down with white noise, pacifier, bouncing, swinging, walking, etc.  I started singing Away In A Manger, which is what I would always sing to Alexa before bed (before she started requesting specific songs), and he immediately stopped crying.  I suddenly realized that he had probably heard that song lots when I was pregnant and singing it to Alexa.  Neat thought.

Both Alexa and Tyler woke up from naps crying at the same time a few weeks ago, so I grabbed Tyler and brought him into Alexa's room.  Both continued crying and wanted to be held (and Tyler fed), so I proceeded to try and nurse Tyler while rocking Alexa at the same time.  It kind of worked, until Tyler pulled off to cry again with Alexa, and milk started shooting them both in the face!!  He was drenched and unhappy.  Parenting fail.

Speaking of parenting fails, Alexa was playing on my phone a couple weeks ago, and accidentally deleted an ADORABLE video of her and Tyler.  I was trying to recover it by following some prompts online, and ended up completely wiping EVERYTHING on my phone.  Uggh.  I've been trying to recover the photos and videos since.  If anyone has tips, let me know.  I've tried to make up for it by taking pictures this last week....

Kyle built an awesome cabinet in our bathroom -- isn't this cool?!  I'm so impressed by the things he does in our house.  Seriously.

Alexa continues to do insanely adorable stuff every day between the frequent minor meltdowns of an almost-2-year old.  A couple weeks ago she picked her pb&j up at lunch and gave it a hug because she loved it.  She has also started playing mom to her stuffed animals.  She changes their diapers, and then brings them and her blanket to us so we can "wrap them up," then she sings to them and puts them down for a nap.  Never with her doll, but it's a frequent occurrence with Big Bird, her puppy, and her bunny.  Whenever we go to see Granny in Salt Lake (who lives near the SLC Airport), Alexa loves to see all the planes in the sky. However, a couple weeks ago she was insistent that they looked like dolphins and not planes, which I thought was funny.  I love that the weather is getting nicer so I can take her and Tyler to the park, go on walks, etc.  Many of you saw my facebook post this week with an Alexa story -- she was snacking on a bowl of freeze dried blueberries and accidentally knocked them over on the kitchen floor.  She started cleaning them up, and when she found one hiding under her leg she said "peek a boo I see you!!"  She will often tell Tyler "shh, it's ok, baby Tyler (pronounced Dyler).  Shh, sleep.  It's ok, don't cry."  Or else she'll tell me that he's crying because he's hungry.

wrapping up big bird for his nap
If Tyler is ever laying on a blanket on the floor, Alexa immediately lays down next to him :)
One of the reasons I only took off four weeks with Tyler is because we had our big annual convention at work a couple weeks ago and there was a lot to do to prepare for it.  It also helps that I only go in for a few hours a day and Kyle is home with the kids.  This convention had extra work involved because we announced a name change for the company -- from Shelf Reliance to Thrive Life (more in line with the company's vision and focus).  I was gone for three straight days for convention and only came home (late) to sleep at night.  Alexa had a rough time and was really sad and pouty (aka not herself). Tyler was a champ and continues to take a bottle well.  He even slept for 8 hours one of those nights -- he must love me!  Anyway, back to was fantastic!  I was the "stage manager," so back stage for all of our general sessions making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be, all props/prizes/awards were ready or brought out at the right time, slides/videos/etc came on screen at the right time, and I was on headset with the A/V team coordinating their side of things.  It was a learning experience, and was actually a lot of fun to be that involved.  Oh, and I even got to dance in a 55-gallon water barrel in front of 600 people for one session.  Yeah, they must have been desperate.  Alex Boye came and performed one night, and he was amazing!  I was so impressed with him.  I got to learn a lot about him back stage from someone who works at our company who filmed his "I Am A Mormon" ad a couple years ago.  He has a great conversion story and some neat experiences from standing up as a member of the Church.  One neat story is that his idol is MC Hammer (I know, cool, right? haha), and his band in England was invited to open for him on the night that he was supposed to enter the Missionary Training Center.  None of his other band members were members of the Church, and they were furious that he wouldn't just go to the MTC the next day.  He also said he laughed when they invited him to join the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and said, "are you sure you want me?  I'm black?!"  Gotta love the diversity of Utah.  I stood right next to Alex after the show collecting the money for his CD sales as he took pictures and gave out autographs with our consultants at convention.  I was taken aback by how kind he was.  One woman said that he was her 6-year old son's idol and wanted to record a video of him saying hi to her son on her phone.  So, Alex Boye proceeded to tell this 6-year old who he had never met what great potential he has, and all of this sincere advice and praise, even crying as he talked into the phone screen.   Another cool part of convention was flying over a teeny tiny woman from Ecuador who has been working with our charity there in her village.  She had never left her village, so obviously never been on an airplane, never seen snow, or my favorite story from her--never stepped on an escalator (she was totally freaked out by them!).

A few more random pictures below...

5 minutes before....


Sleepy Saturday afternoon session of General Conference at Granny's house.  We went up to celebrate her 97th BIRTHDAY!

scooter time with Marmie

Grandpa looks so cool on our orange scooter