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Fries, please?

Most of you saw the Walgreen's story I put on Facebook.  I went through the pharmacy drive through with the kids and Alexa thought I was getting food, so she insisted that I get her some fries :).  I explained to her that I was getting medicine, but when they handed me a white paper bag she thought I secretly got food and was even more insistent.  It made me laugh.  Really hard. She's on a Lion King kick lately, and here's a picture below of her watching it with her "Simba lion" who is really a thrift store lion with the coolest fro I've ever seen on a stuffed animal.  Also, we were reading a Hercules book one day after watching Lion King and she screamed "PUMBA!!!" when she saw Phil, the satyr.  Last but not least, we were having a Family Home Evening lesson about Noah's ark last week, and she excitedly pointed to "Simba!!" (a lion next to Noah) and "hyenas!!!" (goats next to the lion). Kyle was feeding her dinner the ot

Hee Haw Farm

We took Alexa to Hee Haw Farm in Pleasant Grove and she LOVED it!  It was the perfect time of year to go, too, because it was full of baby animals! Family hay ride.  Tyler is in there somewhere... baby bunnies! baby piggies Feeding the goats.  They were everywhere! baby cows holding the baby goats baby chicks and ducks She loved riding the pony, which selfishly made me really, really happy because I want her to grow up and love horses like me!!  She's been asking to ride the horsey every day since.  Today she insisted that I give her horsey rides across the living room. They had a giant pit of corn to play in, which I affectionately called a white trash beach.  Alexa was not a fan because the ground moved when she tried to walk.  She just cried. A big fan of tetherball with daddy even though it kept hitting her in the face! Kyle thought this was one of those things where you put your face in and take pictures.  Nope

What we've been up to....

Tyler is starting to smile more and coo--we love it!  Still a really good baby--usually very mellow and easy going.  Normally, he's still waking up every 3-5 hours during the night, although some special nights he's up every 1.5 hours.  He just turned 2 months old this week.  Here's a 1 month picture and recent 2 month pictures to show you how fat he's getting! 1 Month Even though I'm sleepy, I do love our morning cuddle time in bed.  Look at that cute face! Fat smile Alexa is now great at filling in the blanks in a bunch of songs and books, counting to 10 all by herself, naming the colors and shapes (she knows circle, star, heart, triangle, square and diamond).  And she talks so well!  I still can't believe how quickly she picks things up and how well she is now saying phrases / small sentences (usually about 5 words at a time).  Her recent kick is having us draw things for her, mostly spiders because of the Itsy Bitsy Spider so