Sunday, May 23, 2021

March 2021 - Tad the 5 year old chicken

Tad has been planning his Sonic birthday party for at least 9 months. We rented a bounce house and the weather was absolutely beautiful, hallelujah.  He got walkie talkies, a blanket fort kit, and a sonic watch.

He is absolutely hilarious and such a whirlwind of emotion.  He goes from very excited and happy to absolutely furious within seconds.  He did all his Saturday chores in a chicken costume and it was quite possibly the best Saturday ever.

Tad said, "I get to pick what we do all day on my birthday. I know what activity I want to choose. I want to visit baby Joshua. I get to pick what we do all day and that's what I want."

We played Pictionary and Tyler drew an amazing picture of Jesus--

Baby Nathan is still all smiles and loves his milk.  He is the first kid we've seen who collapses bottles because he is so intense about eating.  

We did a fun hike on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail / Bridge overlooking Draper with Uncle Mikey.  It was beautiful weather and nice to get out in the sunshine. 

We did a 3-mile hike with Uncle Mike and baby was a champ. 

February 2021 - Tyler's baptism

Tyler wanted a race car birthday party and chose to do go cart racing with his closest friends.  I wasn't able to start baking his cake until like 10:30pm and I tried a new recipe that completely exploded in the oven. Volcano style, all over the pans, racks, and bottom of the oven.  It took forever to clean and frost so I was up until an ungodly hour.  I was putting the green grass frosting on the top at the very end and I was completely exhausted and ready for bed.  Unfortunately, I was also running out of frosting and only halfway through the second cake.  I was too tired to make more frosting and match the color so I said a desperate prayer that if I scraped everything out of the mixing bowl and frosting bag I would please have enough to finish.  As I frosted the very last section at the center of the track I had only air left in the bag, right at the moment I finished. Such a tender mercy.

For his birthday Tyler got a Minecraft hoodie, more Calvin and Hobbes comics, sketch pads, interactive Mario legos, pokemon cards, a new suit, and his own scriptures. 

He was baptized on Valentine's Day.  Just 5 days before our Stake relaxed the restrictions and allowed guests to come to baptisms. Before that, it was immediate family only. The Swingle family was able to join and we had lots of people participate on Zoom as well.  Even 87-year old Aunt June joined remotely, how neat that we could use technology to connect with her.  It was really neat to have both Grandpas speak. When Grandpa Sweeny spoke Tyler faced the laptop so he was talking right to him over Zoom.  We had everyone over for valentine's dinner after.   

Tyler is such a sweet kid.  He is very selfless.  We went to Chili's to celebrate his birthday and I was wrestling a fussy, exhausted baby.  It took a long time for the food to come so everyone was hungry.  But sweet sweet Tyler took his plate and the first thing he did was come and give me a bite--before he took one--because I didn't have any hands to eat and he wanted to take care of me.  He was also really, really excited to get a fuzzy new blanket from the Primary presidency for his baptism, but then Olivia (his cousin) was feeling sad and scared that night so he brought her his blanket and said she could sleep with it.  

Tyler said he already felt bigger the day after his birthday.  He said the floor definitely feels further away from him :).

For Valentine's Day school boxes Alexa made a fox and Tyler made a Minecraft creeper.  We had a heart shaped charcuterie for lunch. 

In other news, Tad got a can of spray adhesive and spun in circles all over the first floor of the house spreading gluey cheer.  He sprayed the floor, table, chairs, kitchen cabinets, counters, baby's carseat, jackets hung by the table, etc. All so very sticky.  

Liam and Tad have been exercising with me in the morning.  They get creative every day in selecting weights to use.  Typically they use cans of food, but sometimes they will use pencils, markers, etc.   They also like to pretend that we're all animals doing exercises (rhinos lifting weights, etc.). 

Kyle started a Facebook group in honor of Joshua.  We found that there aren't a lot of resources to support fathers who experience the loss of a child, so Kyle has created a group to reach out in support of other fathers who are hurting.  We are blessed with some pretty incredible kids and wish that our sweet Joshua could grow up with these amazing brothers and sister. I'm grateful for this Dad they all adore.
Funny Stories

At Tyler's party:
Mom: Finish your cake and then we can open presents!
Liam: (gasps, mouth open in excitement) under the Christmas tree?!!?

Me: What can we do to get to know our new neighbors?
Tad: Invite them over for a sleepover!

Tad: I want to go to the pet store and get a baby rhino for my birthday. And then take him to Disney Land.

Tad created a secret handshake that he and I do every night before bed :).

Liam prays every day that Santa Claus will find a cure for COVID.

January 2021 - Kitten in the Dishwasher

We started off the year running our 2 month old kitten through the dishwasher.  In the time it took to grab the soap from the kitchen cabinet she jumped inside the loaded dishwasher and then I started it not knowing she was inside. I heard yowling and meowing about 30 seconds later and opened it to find a drenched kitten hiding in the back corner of the steamy dishwasher.  Thankfully, we dried her off and she's doing ok.  Since then, she also hid in the fridge when Tyler put the milk away and she was in there for almost 2 hours.  She likes to jump into the tub while the little boys are bathing.  We're all praying that this curious kitten survives 2021.  

We went to the ice castles in Midway and they get better every year. Lots of fun ice caves, lights, and slides.

Our stake boundaries changed and we were moved to a new ward with our neighborhood.   Kyle was called as the Ward Sunday School President and I'm the ward chorister / choir director.  I think my calling is punishment for never going to ward choir or being early for church :). 

Our weiner dog, Leroy, was digging out of our backyard multiple times a day, despite installing a brand new fence, filling the holes immediately, adding barricades, scent deterrents, and doing training.  He also pees in the house the minute we let him in despite being house trained.  Overall, he requires a tremendous amount of attention and work so we decided it was time to part ways.  I listed him on KSL (classifieds) and then we went to an activity and I left my phone in the car.  By the time I got back to my phone 3 hours later, I had 76 text messages and 7 voicemails asking if he was available and if they could come get him right then, some people saying they lived 2-3 hours away.  We gave him to a family who had just lost a weiner dog over Christmas and was OBSESSED with them.  The Mom said her sister has 2 weiner dogs, her dad has 4, and her family has 1 (was 2 before the one passed away due to old age) so Leroy would have cousins to play with all the time.  She was in tears when she met him and I felt kind of guilty that I wasn't at all sad to give him away!

One of my Christmas gifts to Kyle was to try a sensory deprivation float chamber.  He has been interested in trying them for a few years.  They fill a pod with saline solution and it's the same temperature as your skin so you really can't feel the water once you get in.  The idea is that it eliminates all the senses so you can unlock untapped cognitive function and the body's natural abilities to heal and relax.  Also, Alexa gave us face masks :).

We still love home church.  Liam loves to run over and kneel down with Kyle when he blesses the sacrament.

Baby got his bottom teeth and is already in size 4 diapers.  Liam always tells me excitedly, "Mommy, baby LOVES me!!"

Tad ran up to me in a panic and said something is wrong, you need to come with me.  He led me to the laundry room and said "someone is punching the laundry and trying to get out!" I was drying some tennis shoes :).

The kids were excited to go sledding with neighbors at Tibble Fork.