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March 2021 - Tad the 5 year old chicken

Tad has been planning his Sonic birthday party for at least 9 months. We rented a bounce house and the weather was absolutely beautiful, hallelujah.  He got walkie talkies, a blanket fort kit, and a sonic watch. He is absolutely hilarious and such a whirlwind of emotion.  He goes from very excited and happy to absolutely furious within seconds.  He did all his Saturday chores in a chicken costume and it was quite possibly the best Saturday ever. Tad said, "I get to pick what we do all day on my birthday. I know what activity I want to choose. I want to visit baby Joshua. I get to pick what we do all day and that's what I want." We played Pictionary and Tyler drew an amazing picture of Jesus-- Baby Nathan is still all smiles and loves his milk.  He is the first kid we've seen who collapses bottles because he is so intense about eating.   We did a fun hike on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail / Bridge overlooking Draper with Uncle Mikey.  It was beautiful weather and nice

February 2021 - Tyler's baptism

Tyler wanted a race car birthday party and chose to do go cart racing with his closest friends.  I wasn't able to start baking his cake until like 10:30pm and I tried a new recipe that completely exploded in the oven. Volcano style, all over the pans, racks, and bottom of the oven.  It took forever to clean and frost so I was up until an ungodly hour.  I was putting the green grass frosting on the top at the very end and I was completely exhausted and ready for bed.  Unfortunately, I was also running out of frosting and only halfway through the second cake.  I was too tired to make more frosting and match the color so I said a desperate prayer that if I scraped everything out of the mixing bowl and frosting bag I would please have enough to finish.  As I frosted the very last section at the center of the track I had only air left in the bag, right at the moment I finished. Such a tender mercy. For his birthday Tyler got a Minecraft hoodie, more Calvin and Hobbes comics, sketch pads

January 2021 - Kitten in the Dishwasher

We started off the year running our 2 month old kitten through the dishwasher.  In the time it took to grab the soap from the kitchen cabinet she jumped inside the loaded dishwasher and then I started it not knowing she was inside. I heard yowling and meowing about 30 seconds later and opened it to find a drenched kitten hiding in the back corner of the steamy dishwasher.  Thankfully, we dried her off and she's doing ok.  Since then, she also hid in the fridge when Tyler put the milk away and she was in there for almost 2 hours.  She likes to jump into the tub while the little boys are bathing.  We're all praying that this curious kitten survives 2021.   We went to the ice castles in Midway and they get better every year. Lots of fun ice caves, lights, and slides. Our stake boundaries changed and we were moved to a new ward with our neighborhood.   Kyle was called as the Ward Sunday School President and I'm the ward chorister / choir director.  I think my calling is punishm