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March 2015 - Medieval Times, family in Utah, and a visit to the Windy City

The big news in March was that I was called as Young Women President in our Ward (in charge of the girls ages 12-18 at our church).  When I told my boss he just laughed.  When I asked him why he laughed, he said that I was nothing like them and they won't know what to do with me.  He said that he expects that they will come to me all whiny and crying like teenage girls and I will look at them like what's your problem and get back to whatever you were doing because you're wasting my time.  Ha. When I told Malori about it, she laughed as well because she remembers all of the leaders we hated when we were that age.  She reminded me that we particularly hated it when leaders wouldn't let us sit in the back row.  Dad gave great advice to let them be leaders--give them responsibility.  I'm already realizing that that is hard, especially the letting them fail part.  One of the girls was supposed to line up a service project for us at the Food Bank (her request) and despite

February 2015 - Tyler turns 2, trip to Zion, and our little valentines

We celebrated Tyler's second birthday with a trip to the Curiosity Museum at Thanksgiving Point.  It was lots of fun and we were glad to be able to go there with Grandma and Grandpa Sweeny. We then came back to the house for pizza and batman cupcakes.  We are in love with our adorable, happy, smiley 2-year old boy who brings so much laughter into our home.  Tyler's head is huge--98th percentile--and he's 97th for height!  His favorite gift was probably the Cars movie and book--he reads the book almost every single day. Here's a video of Tyler blowing out his candles :) We took a weekend getaway to St. George with Grandma and Grandpa Sweeny in early February and had a blast swimming and hiking at Zion. This doesn't really fit in anywhere, but here's a funny picture of Alexa eating grapes with her toes.  The other day I asked her to hand me her water bottle and she grabbed the loop at the top with her toes and gave it to me with her feet.  S