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January 2016 - boxing & Vegas

We celebrated Uncle Ben's birthday on the 5th and talked about what it would be like to have a birthday in heaven and how Granny and Uncle Ben could celebrate together.  The kids decided that Jesus loves ice cream.  Alexa said that when she goes to heaven she wants to bring some fruit snacks so she can share them with Uncle Ben. I captured some shots of Kyle giving the kids Saturday morning boxing lessons.  Tyler was a natural and Alexa was spazzy.  She just wanted to push the punching bag back as far as it would go and then it would basically knock her over as it came back. Alexa asked to share her testimony in sacrament meeting this month!  It was very sweet and she talked about how much Jesus loves us.  Then she built a podium out of boxes at our house and she and Tyler shared their testimonies all week.  One testimony I overheard was "I will get all the bad guys so I can be like Jesus.  He taught me to be nice and helpful.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

December 2015 - Christmas in Indiana

Merry Christmas! We hit the road a couple of days after Granny's funeral to make the trek to Indiana for Christmas. The  kids did great the whole way.  I think it was harder on the adults!  We left at 4am and the first 8 hours were really bad due to wind and snow.  I-70 was closed unless you had chains and we were only a couple of hours in when we passed a sign saying I-80 was closed due to an avalanche warning.  Kyle screamed "Noooo!" and woke up the kids :).  We were so relieved to have Wyoming behind us!!  And we were very glad to have been driving an SUV with all-wheel-drive instead of our Toyota Matrix.  We got a new Mazda CX-9 only a week before the trip so that we can fit baby #3. We pounded out 14 hours the first day and then stopped for the night in Nebraska before continuing for another 10ish hours the next day.  The kids thought that sleeping in a hotel was amazing.  The weather on the drive home was clear and wonderful. although Tyler did poop h