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October 2015 - weddings, babies, hospitals, and spooky ghosts

The beginning of October was busy getting ready for Craig and Chelsea's wedding on the 15th.  We found a little park a block away from the Payson Temple for all of the cousins to play at during the sealing with a couple of Young Women.  We had a luncheon at our chapel afterwards and had the reception at Peggy and Paul's that evening.  The reception was beautiful--I loved the outdoor music, lights, and overall ambiance.  They did street tacos, Mexican hot chocolate, and s'mores.  Three people asked to move in with us at the reception now that Craig had officially moved out that morning :).  Ha. The cousins looked adorable in their matching outfits and we are so happy for Craig and Chelsea--love them both!  Although the kids keep crying for Craig and saying how much they miss him, even now almost a month later.  Tyler cried for Craig the night he went to the emergency room later in the month.  During the reception, I laughed because Alexa roasted a marshmallow for her s'