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September 2014 - Nebraska, Honduras, and Mexico

Kyle left me alone again in September and drove the kids to Nebraska.  When I told Alexa she was going to drive to Nebraska with Uncle Todd tomorrow, she turned to Kyle and said, “Daddy, guess what?!  We’re going to drive to Indiana tomorrow!  For Christmas!!!”  I am either a horrible communicator or she’s a 3-year old...  I wasn’t able to take time off of work, so I was really, really glad that Kyle had Todd there to drive with him.  Especially since it turned into a 17-hour one-way drive (including stops), so that would have been especially difficult to do alone with the kids.  Sweet Aden was baptized and I’m so glad that so much family was able to be there.  I really wish that I could have been there with everyone.  It was really great for Kyle to be with his sisters.  He misses them a lot, and I know a highlight of the trip was being able to stay up late and talk to them about life.  Like in Indiana, the kids loved playing with cousins and I wish we had some closer! C

August 2014 - Craig's homecoming, Ben's funeral, Alexa starts overall exhausting month

Craig came home from his mission!  Kyle went out to California a week early to help with some projects around the house, mainly redoing the kitchen cabinets.  He bravely drove out alone with the kids and they all miraculously survived.  Tyler had a hard time being away from mom for a week.  I thought Face Time would be a great idea, but it just made him cry.  A lot.  He didn’t understand why he could see me but I wasn’t there.  So he just kept crying.  I missed them so very much while they were gone and I was thrilled to fly out and join them a week later! It was exciting to welcome Craig home.  We all made fun of his European haircut and obsession with European fashion, but he looks happy and it’s great to have him back.  Alexa was barely a year old when he left and I was only a couple of months pregnant with Tyler.  Tyler read lots of books on the drive home The week that we got back from California we took a sudden trip to Indiana for Ben’s funeral, which I w