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More hospital pictures

Some more pictures from the hospital... Sleepy boys the morning after Tyler was born First picture with daddy Video of Alexa meeting Tyler for the first time Random side note: Kyle put blue sheets on our bed when we got home to celebrate the fact that we had a boy.  Such a cute husband.


So, I figured we should write out the crazy story of this little boy.  Nothing like Alexa's by the way, except for the fact that pushing didn't take long.  With Alexa, I was 3cm for three weeks and 80% effaced by the third week, my water broke, I had crazy gangbuster contractions for 2.5 hours, pushed for a half hour, and she was out.  With Tyler, I had painful contractions for days.  I hardly slept Tuesday night because they were at least every 5 minutes for about 3 hours, and so painful that I really had to focus and breathe through them.  They tapered off by like 5 am, but were still really painful though less frequent.  Contractions continued Wednesday and Thursday, painful but inconsistent.  At my doctor's appointment Thursday morning, I was 5cm and fully effaced, so we knew the baby would come fast.  The doctor said to just come right away when my water broke.  Good plan.  By Friday morning, I was really sick of all the painful contractions for days and lack of slee

Alexa photo shoot

I started this post before Tyler came, so I might as well finish.   It will probably be the last Alexa-only focused post!   Malori did an Alexa photo shoot just before Christmas, and here are some of the fun pictures she took.             I think I’ve mentioned before that Alexa loves praying, and has recently starting helping us say them all the time.   A normal prayer goes something like this with Alexa saying or repeating the underlined parts: “Heavenly Father , thank you for this lunch (insert whatever food and she’ll say it).   Bless us to be healthy and strong . Thank you for mommy and daddy . We love you .   In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen .”   And then she claps. At lunch today she wanted to say the prayer three times. She has also just recently started saying her name all the time.   The ‘x’ was a little hard for her before now, but she now calls herself “Alexa!” instead of “baby.”   I was clipping her fingernails this morning so th