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March 2024 - Tad's baptism (ADD VIDEOS)

 I have been traveling a lot for work lately and had to laugh at this note that Liam left on the driveway one day when he knew I was on my way home.   Sweet Tad chose to be baptized and asked Kyle to baptize and confirm him, his Grandpas to be witnesses, Marmie to give a talk on Baptism, and Tad Callister on the Holy Ghost.  Alexa and Tyler played the violin.  It was wonderful to have so much support from family and friends. It was so nice to have extra time with our grandparents! Tad asked to go to Chuck-a-rama for his actual birthday meal.  He wanted to do a movie night with friends and watch Migration for his party.  He was sooo happy that Jimmy could come.   We spent Easter and Spring Break with Marmie & Grandpa in California.  Random happenings: Alexa had a double-basketball season with Willow Creek (Kyle as Coach) and Lehi Rec Add videos: Audrey walking in Kyle's slippers Audrey swinging Tad Rock play Alexa shotput Liam jumping waves