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June 2016 - camp time

The exciting news on the work front is that our new addition got occupancy in early June!  Hallelujah!  Life should settle down a little and we're all grateful.  I was the Project Manager on a massive expansion that more than doubled our corporate foot print.  With all of my construction background, it required a lot of learning.  I affectionately refer to the addition as my 4th child and I've learned a lot in the process.  It included very specialized equipment and technical requirements that made it a difficult project.  I will be happy to never work with some of the more ornery and less reliable contractors ever again, but I've also made some great friends with others in the process.  One refrigeration team walked off the job because another contractor hurt their feelings.  Being the parent of toddlers with child negotiation skills actually paid off. The addition houses our new freeze dryers named Olaf, Elsa, and Frostbite; a massive production rail system; (2) -40 deg