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May 2022 - Soccer and Baseball Season

Spring soccer overlapping so much with softball / baseball this year had us running around like crazy people going to 9 games and 6 practices a week for Alexa, Tyler, and Tad.  Usually a few of those games were at the same time so we would split up our cheer squad.  Most afternoons Kyle spent 3 hours straight in the car running kids around.  And it's been an unusually cold May, we've spent a lot of games bundled up in parkas.  It was fun to have Tyler and Brax on the same team again this year.  Their coach was awesome and their team name was the Spicy Eagles. 

Alexa is LOVING softball again this year.  Even when the weather is crummy she's excited to go and practice.  She has definitely improved in her hitting, although she is doubting herself more and working through her mental game.  She hit a home run at one of the games this year and earned herself the game ball!  She also loves leading her team's cheer squad :).  Tad really enjoyed his first year of baseball and was able to join a team with a lot of the neighborhood.

Nathan and Liam got to play at lots of playgrounds during the various games.

We planned an anniversary staycation in Salt Lake.  We ate dinner at Red Iguana, went to Memory Grove where Kyle proposed, stayed in a pirate room at Anniversary Inn, watched Doctor Strange, and got massages before heading home.  It was a nice break from the crazy month.  

For Alexa's birthday she wanted to go a salon and get her haircut, so we made a girls day out of it.  After the haircut we got lunch and pedicures.  On her actual birthday she had a softball game and then we celebrated with R&R nachos and cupcakes.  Her team sang to her at the top of their lungs, here's a video of the fun.  Her big gifts were a new bike and tickets to a Shawn Mendes concert this fall.  She also got an insulated water bottle that she has decorated with fun stickers, but now she can't drink anything but ice cold water ;).  

For Kyle's birthday we spent a cold night at Tibble Fork eating tacos.  3 days later on Melissa's birthday it was warm and sunny and we had a nice picnic in the mountains.

Kyle has been working hard on the outbuilding but it's still moving slow.  He finished framing the interior walls this month.

We usually get together with Todd & Melissa for family lunch on Wednesdays.  We had a fun time playing at the park by Thrive a couple weeks ago.  Videos: Tyler & DeanKyle & Todd.  The next week we hung out in the gym at my work.

Other happenings in May:

--Tad graduated from kindergarten

--Liam finished another year of preschool and got to do a spotlight.  When he grows up he wants to be Halloween :).  He likes to wrestle with Dad, eat bananas, play outside, and ride his bike.  Every morning when I go to work Liam wants to wave goodbye.  It is the cutest thing.  I tried to catch one such morning on video.

--Alexa studied Helen Keller's life and then did a living statue for her class


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