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April 2022 - Tad's Sonic party

Marmie and Grandpa came out in early April for Spring Break and Kyle was incredibly grateful to have his Dad here to help on the outbuilding all week.  They rebuilt the stairs to the second floor and laid the entire subfloor, which is ironic because his Dad helped us rebuild the stairs in our Lehi house when we moved in, too.  

We got together with the Swingle clan the week before so we had a quiet Easter at home with our family and Todd and Melissa.  We had fun making bunny pancakes for breakfast.   

Tad wanted to wait to have his birthday party until April so he could see Sonic 2 with his friends.  He has been planning it for months and was so excited.  He has also been super intense about practicing monkey bars at every park we go to and now he's a pro.  

Kyle and Todd flew to Ohio for Karl's wedding.  I worked from home a couple of days and tried to keep the little kids alive during meetings and conference calls. 

I also got to teach Tyler about world domination :).

The kids are getting into a rhythm with Dean and Lily and having fun playing together every day.

They even put on a Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe play and made up a choreographed dance together. 


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